orchestra Bill Haley (4) : other covers (from 1840 to 1927) Part 1 (6/05/2015)

Picadilly rock (1958) - original title "London Bridge Is Falling Down" [17th century], nursery rhyme, kid song.

Stop beatin' 'round the mulberry bush (originally called "Here we go round the mulberry bush") : nursery rhyme, kid song published 'round 1840. For the first time; reworded by Bickney Reichner, music by Clay Boland.

Juke Box Cannonball (1952/1954) : original title "The Great Rock Island Route!", 1882 aka Wabash Cannonball then Juke Box Cannonball =>reworded by Jesse Rogers, Arcade Records, 1951.

First recorded on  shellac (10") in 1938 by (to name but a few) : Count Basie And His Orchestra (James Rushing, vocal) for DECCA 2004 A (1938).

Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra, vocal by Edythe Wright for HMV Victor 26012-B, 1938.

Al Donahue and his Orchestra, vocal by Paula Kelly for Vocalion 4318, 1938.

George Scott Wood & His Six Swingers for REGAL ZONOPHONE MR 1771, December 1938 and years later, a very good old rockabilly by Bill Haley's with Haley's Comets for ESSEX Records 45-310 in September 1952.

Jarrito Twist by Bill Haley y Sus Cometas, 1962 from The Little Brown Jug by Joseph Eastburn Winner for Meade 2002 in 1869. Probably from Glenn Miller and His Orchestra, RCA/Bluebird, 1939.

Pretty Alouette (Be My Only One) by Bill Haley and His Comets, 1957 from Alouette by Edouard Le Bel (LeBel) for Victor 3619, Canadian-French folklore, Montreal, 1906 (rec. 6 Nov. 1906).

Ida, sweet as apple cider (1958) from Ida! Sweet as apple cider by Earl Fuller Rector Novelty Orchestra for Columbia Records A2403, US, 1917/05/09.


(I'll be with you in) Apple blossom time, 1957 from I'll be with you in apple blossom time by Reed Miller for Medallion 8193, 1920.

Anytime (1951) from Anytime by Emmett Miller accompanied by his Georgia Crackers, Okeh 40239, late 1924.

Trouble in mind (first recorded in 1960 but remained unissued until 1979 (EP CLAIRE DEP 4779) from Trouble in mind (blues) by Thelma La Vizzo [Richard M. Jones, piano], Paramount 12206, rec. May 15, 1924, released 1924.

(What can I say) After I say I'm sorry (1963) from After I say I'm sorry by Sam Lanin & his orchestra w Red Nichols on vocal for Gennett 3243-B, P. 1926/02/01.

Dance with a dolly (With a hole in her stockin'), 1953 by Bill Haley and The Saddlemen, ESSEX 45-305 from Terry Shand and his orchestra (vocals by Evelyn Knight & Jesters), Decca 18614, 1944 via Round Town Gals by Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters, Vocalion 103, 1926/10/22 adapted from Lubly Fan which became Buffalo Gals (women following buffalo hunters), fully an American tune - of German-origin (Im Grunewald, im Grunewald ist Holzauktion/Otto Teich's lyrics, Rhineland, 1890), written and composed by John Hodges alias Cool White who presented his song in 1844 (sheet only). Tidbit time : a 1960 hit by Ray Smith, Rockin' Little Angel for Judd 1016 (rec. 08/1959) was also based on the same melody.

One sweet letter from you (1960) from Ted Lewis and his Band, Columbia 988-D, 1927

End of this special Part 1.



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Something new about the tune Stack O' Lee Blues (5/03/2010-last update 13/03/2010)

Down Home BoysFrom the Bill Haley WB Sessions) :***The true original cut of this song was recorded circa 1899/1900 but unreleased until May 1927 on BLACK PATTI 8030-B (American Record Company/ARC) by Long Cleve Reed & Little ('Papa') Harvey Hull - Down Home Boys (trio including Sunny Wilson also from a late 1895 nursery rhyme called "Bad Man Stack-O-Lee"-trad. is dating back to 1903).***Lee Shelton (b.03/16/1865) alias Lee Stack (sometimes wrongly spelled as SHELDON (who died on March 11, 1912) shot Lyons because of his Stetson hat in a poker party.***And finally, one word about Billy Lyons whose real house hold name was William Lyons (born in 1864) presumed to be a Black policeman.***It seems the first songs to appear are dating back to 1923 : (Fred) Waring's Pennsylvanians-vocal refrain by Vernon Dalhart, (Victor 19189 A recorded on 10/16 as well as Frank Westphal & His Regal Novelty Orchestra (Columbia 32d recorded on 10/18).***Tidbit-time: Archibald (Leon T. Gross) sometimes called 'Archie Boy') recorded Stack-A'Lee (Pt1/Pt2) released in 05/1950, 07/1955 and 01/1959 (Imperial x5068, x5358 and x5563-(s) Leon T. Gross, Sr.).***Nota: William Lyons died from his wounds on 12/26/1895 (death certificate No 3605) and burried two days later in the Bridgewater plot in St. Peter's Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.***Maybe Billy Lyon's was Archie Boy's alias Leon T. Gross, great-greatgrandfather (??). Image: Down Home Boys : L to R : Long Cleve Reed (gtr), Little 'Papa' Harvey Hull (vcls), Sunny Wilson (gtr).Stack O' Lee Blues - original issued in 05-1927billy lyons - death certificate