Wallace Collection: Daydream saga (16.04.2006)

Les images arrivent...: au-dessus en partant de la gauche (pochette de droite): Jacques Namotte (violoncelle), Raymond Vincent (violon électrique), Sylveer Van Holmen (lead guitar) et Freddy Nieuland (lead vocals & drums); en dessous: Marc Hérouet (piano) et Christian Janssens (basse)RE: wallace namePosted By: Mo (from Stephan) (guest) - 81.243.234.*** on 04-12-2006 8:51 am Thank you Steph, it was a pleasure to meet you too. I have a French article where the Beatles give their opinion about the Wallace Collection. It is simply great! They say in it about the Wallace Collection : "After us it will be them "!Something else : I know that in the Melody Maker (year 69) the Beatles also speak about the Wallace in the same way...I would be happy if someone can get me this article,...Mo is the new Wallace Collection's manager.

Paul McCartney chante dans les choeurs de Rêverie (backing track de Daydream!!!)

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