Apple? Yum-yum! (trad.: miam-miam! Croque la pomme!) : Clarabella : the Bill Haley connection (bang!)

Image of original US Jodimars label shot: thanks to Peter Grendysa and, Terry Gordon, Rocking Country Style Webmaster, Atlanta, United States of America.(http://rcs.law.emory.edu/rcs/index.htm).The Beatles recorded a song "Clarabella" originally written and composed by Frank Pingatore for a US group: the quite tremendous JODIMARS! Three of the Bill Haley's Original Comets of the Decca Sessions at Pythian Temple in New York City back on 12th April 1954..."Clarabella" by The Beatles: recorded in 1963 previously unreleased song.In the Beatles' set list since 1960, this obscure (?) favourite of Paul's was originally recorded in 1956 by the Jodimars - refugees from Bill Haley's Comets.The latter annotations are reproduced quite to the indentical ones printed inside the booklet of the 2CD box set Live at the BBC ..Dusty (Springfield) is crunching an apple, a Starking one. Paul, why did you hold a Golden instead of a Granny Smith at the time of the grand opening of the Apple boutique? It was not the Granny Smith season.

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