The Jodimars : Clara-Bella (Pingatore) was still rocking around the clock! (...Did she rock until midnight?)

JO = JOey D'Ambrosia/JOey Ambrose alias Joseph D'Ambrosio, tenor sax***DI = DIck Richards alias Richard Boccelli, drums, some vocals***MARS = MARShall Lytle alias Tom Page, double bass (lotsa thanks for the real names [15th Feb.2006], Marshall, anyway) of the 1955 Bill Haley's Comets.These three young men were at the Decca Sesions for the recording of (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock. Hope I'll see the Bill Haley's Original Comets in Belgium at Spirit of 66 in Verviers one day or another. I told Francis Géron about that fact: if you can return, it's okay for him. No problem! Adding members until 1958: Max Daffner, drums too; Bob Simpson, piano; Jim Buffington, drums, Charles "Charlie" and/or "Chuck" Hess, guitar.From left to right: Joey D'Ambrosia; Charlie Hess; Max daffner; Marshall Lytle, Dick Richards and sitting below James E. Myers a.k.a. Jimmy DeKnight. [thanks again, Marshall].The pic cover is the one of the UK Bulldog LP releases (1970 and 1979; CD in 1989 (France)..Bill Haley's Original Comets featuring THE JODIMARS themselves feat. Marshall Lytle on RABB, JOHNNY GRANDE, piano; FRANNY BEECHER, gtr and from England JACKO BUDDIN, gtr, lead vcls, drums on Well now dig this.*****DVD image: from left to right are Jacko Buddin, Dicks Richards, Marshall Lytle, Johnny Grande, Franny Beecher and Joey D'Ambrosio. Gala concert recorded live at Heide Volm - Planegg/München, Germany, 9th Nov. 2003. P.2004.

Today, 13 June 2015 : Marshall Lytle has passed away a few years ago. R.I.P.

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