Bill Haley backstage : Liège, at the Conservatory, 14th May, 1974

It was one of the great times in my life. Talking a few minutes with Bill Haley in person and with the other Comets (more of them were English musicians) as well!***CD Twist, (LP DIMSA, Mex #1, 1961), released in 1998 by Orfeon Videovox, México, including Mex #1 Florida Twist (Spanish vocal by Pedro Vargas de Tecalitlán); Silbando Y Caminando (I)***Twist Español (Spanish vocal by Bill Haley, May 1961 - original version of Spanish Twist, September 1961)***Tampico Twist (I)***La Paloma (I)***Caravana Twist (I)***Negra Consentida (I)***Tren Nocturno (I)***Actopan (I)***Mas Twist.

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