Bill Haley live on stage at the Conservatory, Liege, 14th May 1974 : a great concert! - (C) Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0 Belgium

I went to see Bill Haley and "His" Comets at the Conservatory in Liege (I was distinguished guest) featuring William John Clifton himself, rhythm gtr & lead vocals; Rudy Pompilli (real name is RUDOLPH POMPILII [thanks, Chris, [the British pope on Bill Haley] : think I would have had to buy new spectacles :-)], tenor saxophone; Nick Masters (a.k.a. Nicholas Nastos), electric Spanish gtr and vocals; Ray Parsons, lead gtr and vocals; Ray Cowley, bass gtr & vcls and, Freddy Moore, drums. I recall this instrumental: "Beecher Boogie Woogie". Franny (Francis) Beecher, a member of the 1987 Bill Haley's Original Comets was of the Benny Goodman Orchestra, the Buddy Greco Trio, Santa Fe' Rangers, Buckaroo Rangers, The Tyrones ("Blast Off" (Decca 9-30643, 04/1958 [which still remains to date very expensive: 50 €!) from The Cues'"Destination 2165" original version released in May 1956 on EMI/Capitol Records F-3400. It was my pleasure to talk to Bill and notably about the "refugees" (or "spin-off band").He told me: "lotsa thanks with a kick-off at their derrieres" [trad.: "merci beaucoup avec un bon coup de pied au cul"]

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