Bill Haley: after awhile, crocodile (rock!) (1956); En voiture, Simone! : the 1950 Hydra Matic Drive V-8 Oldsmobile 88 built by General Motors

The "female" voice on "Crocodile" is Franny Beecher's one! b/w The Paper Boy (On Main Street U.S.A.). Keep on rocking!!! . "See you later" charted US #6, 02/1956; UK #7, 03/56 and the re-issue UK #12, 09/1956.***"Step into my rocket and don't be late, baby, we're pullin' out about half past eight"... The real Rocket 88 - the car you can see below, advertised as "the lowest priced car with "rocket engine" - was a chrome sparkling symbol of the American postwar prosperity that even poor people were getting a taste of at the time. General Motors billed the Olds 88 engine as "Futurmatic". Even a young black man in the segretated South could dream about driving a rocket, movin'on out and cruisin' along. BTW, not the Delta 88 built for rich folks...A1-Beat-Bill-MainStreetBill Haley - See you later...Omega 9.61.040 - 1-02-1956 (BE)

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