Bill Haley & His Comets : US original 45 rpm: R-O-C-K/The Saints...(04/1956)

R-O-C-K (#29, USA, 04/1956) "from" Columbia Picture "Rock Around The Clock". En français: "Les Rois Du Jazz" (USA, 1956).Both songs [the 2nd one "The Saints Rock 'N Roll"] hitted US and UK charts US #29 and, US #18 & UK #5.This single version is not the one heard in the movie.Tidbit time: "The Saints..." (Bill Haley-Milt Gabler) should read "arr. B.H.-M.G.".In fact, it was a very old gospel/spiritual from Cincinatti, Ohio, entitled "When The Saints Come (or Are) Marching In", 1896.

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