Bon anniversaire/Happy birthday Sir Paul (Yesterday... 18th June, 2006)

Yesterday, Sir James Paul McCartney was 64 years young."When I'm 64"...Keep up the good health and long live rock and roll. God bless you! Birthday was recorded live at Knebworth, June 30th 1990.***Apparently unreleased in the UK was John Smith And The New Sounds' rendition of Birthday.***This is the original release made in Germany. German pressing issued on Deutsche Vogue Schallplatten GmbH/Vogue Schallplatten, DV 14819.***Vogue International Industries präsentiert auf der EUROPAWELLE SAAR (Saarbrücken) jeden Mittwoch von 17.05 bis 17.35 Uhr mit Dieter Thomas Heck die neuesten Schallplatten.A1-Beat-Birthday-1968 France : disques vogue V. 45 - 1558.

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