Bill Haley and His Comets: WB Recs and GONE/Roulette - London American Recordings/British Decca

Dropped by the Warner Brothers in 1961 because of poor sales of his recordings, Bill moved him to Mexico where he will be known as the King of Twist (Florida Twist single [feat. but not credited and supposed Mariachi Pedro Vargas de Tecalitlán (3rd Generation 1950-1993) on vocal] and Twist Bill Haley LP, both Mex #1) and well known under the names Bill Haley and His/The Comets and/or Bill Haley y sus Cometas as well including some famous Mariachis he engaged/hired: of the (Don Gaspar) VARGAS DE TECALITLÁN 3rd GENERATION (1950-1993): Silvestre and Pedro Vargas; Miguel Martinez on Cip A Vanna (a rework with echo effects of Caravan, Natividad Santiago [the latter, chorus on the live LP Whisky A Go Go, Orfeón/DIMSA, México, 1966 and only issued in UK on Ember in June 1968 as The King Of Rock Bill Haley Plays and, the Villas brothers: Pepe (d.1986) and Ernesto of Mariachi México de Pepe Villa from San Fernando and later the TRIO LOS PANCHOS from New York City (of the 1958-1968 Generation): Johnny Albino, 1st voice; Chucho Navarro, 2nd voice and, Alfredo Gil, requinto (= back-up vcls) on Mish Mash by Carrie Grant and The Grandeurs (Newtown Records), Jealous Heart, recorded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1967, issued in 1999 etc. and later in 1970: Miguel DIAZ on the Bill Haley Scrapbook LP record).***Let the good times roll, Creole / So right tonight were released in Sep. 1960 (DNC) and, Spanish Twist / My kind of woman in September 1961 (DNC).Why the main songs didn't chart? Because of poorest promotion by WB Records. ***Tidbit time/anecdote:BIll Haley enregistre une centaine de chansons dont la majeure partie en espagnol (p.ex. Twist Español en mai 1961) qui sortent sur Orfeón dont le réseau de distribution dans tous les pays limitrophes est excellent.***Les relations qu'entretient Haley avec la COSA NOSTRA (LORD JIM (alias JAMES H. FERGUSON), VITO CARLUCCI) l'amène à faire des concessions. C'est comme une "faveur faite à l'Organisation" (sic) que sont enregistrés 2 singles dont la version anglaise de Twist Español: Spanish Twist parue sur GONE, un label appartenant à GEORGE GOLDNER (1919-1970) en affaires "compliquées" impliquant régulièrement MORRIS LEVY, célèbre personnage du monde musical new-yorkais, notoirement lié à la famille GENOVESE .***English-speaking translation: Tidbit time: BIll Haley records a hundred songs of which the major part in Spanish (for ex. Twist Español in May 1961 and many instrumentals as well) which leaves on Orfeón whose distribution network in all the countries bordering is excellent.***The relations which Haley with COSA NOSTRA (LORD JIM (aka JAMES H. FERGUSON), VITO CARLUCCI) maintains brings it to make concessions. It is as a "favour/favor made with the Organization" (sic) that 2 individual are recorded of which the English version of Twist Español: Spanish Twist appeared on GONE, a label owned by GEORGE GOLDNER involving MORRIS LEVY in "complicated" affairs manifestly related to family GENOVESE of New York City.

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