Bill Haley, Marshall Lytle & Joey D'Ambrosio : Crazy man, crazy (04/1953) and Rocket "88" (07/1951)

Crazy Man, Crazy [b/w Watcha gonna do] was relesased back in April 1953 (US #15) on Dave Miller's Essex label [a Holiday subsidiary owned by the latter (E-321) under the name "Bill Haley With Haley's Comets" including Danny Cedrone, Billy Williamson, Billy Gussak and Johnny Grande too.Then re-issued in 1956*****Originally released in July 1951 on Holiday 105 as Bill Haley And The Saddlemen and reissued in 1954 on this 45 rpm record Essex E-381, [feat. Danny Cedrone, Bob Scaltrito (aka Bob Scales), Billy Williamson (his Irish friend) and the quite fantastic pianist Johnny Grande] rendition [to cut a cover] of Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats' [including Ike Turner (to become Tina's [Anna Mae Bullock] husband), Willie Kizart and Raymond Hill] "Rocket "88" ["You women have heard of jalopies, you've heard the noise they make, well let me introduce you to my Rocket 88..." (in fact a car, the 1950 Hydra Matic Drive V-8 Oldsmobile 88 built by General Motors, a car with "rocket" engine!) (recorded at Sam C. Phillips' SUN studios, Chess 1458, Chicago [a Chez label], April 1951, US #1 R'N'B, b/w Come back where you belong) was for sure pretty good.Tidbit time: Bill Haley stole the credits originally by Brenston himself (and Ike Turner not credited)!***By now (17/04/2013) and since many years, Jackie Brenston and Ike Turner are at last recognized as the original composer and writter ! Crazy man, crazy has been also recorded by Ralph Marterie (US Mercury Recs) and in UK by Ted Heath [vocal by Lita Roza], (UK Decca.)


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