Bill Haley and "The Jodimars" : last DECCA Session

This Belgian pressing was/is still quite unknown in England as well as the other OMEGA records :-).It was the last session (Pythian Temple, New York City, May 10, 1955) with M. Lytle, J. D'Ambrosia and D. Richards who'll become the Jodimars later on. The session included F. Beecher, B. Williamson and J. Grande too. Two hound dogs (2 chiens de chasse) was written by Bill and Frank Pingatore. The 2nd one by Charles E. Calhoun (alias Jesse Stone). Under the direction of multi-instrumentalist Bill Haley who invented the slap bass play [in fact, Bill saw Pee Wee Miller (Hayloft Hoedown, Sleepy Hollow Ranch Gang) playing in this manner]! One of the double bass players was Big Al Thompson (from The 4 Aces Of Western Swing, 1949) alias Albert Scholz (brother of a Bill Haley's bass player Hank Thompson (not Hank "Honky Tonk Angels - aka The Wild Side Of Life" Thompson!!!) who was bigger than the double bass itself! BTW, is BILL BORRELLI [from Philadelphia] , 2nd piano, The Saddlemen, 1950) also brainwashing?

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