Apple ? Yum-yum! Those were these olden days...(original Italian pressings [Hey Jude, don't make it bad, take a sad song and make it better...])

Released almost at the same time, Mary Hopkin's "Those Were The Days" single [from "Darogoi Dlimmoyo" formerly of the Russian folklore then adapted as "An jenem Tag" (and sung at the time (1968) by famous tenor man Iwan Rebroff [alias Hans-Rolf Rippert, Berlin, 31 July 1931-Berlin, 27 February 2008 (heart attack)] which means "Takiyeh Dni, Moi Drug" in Russian-speaking (EMI/Parlophone to become Apple 2) was issued (27th Aug.) 3 days before The Beatles' "Hey Jude" one (EMI/Parlophone to become Apple 1 - 30th Aug., 1968). Both singles topped the charts all over and beyond the world.***Hey Jude peaked at UK #52 on 10th Sep.1988.***Tidbit time 1: "Those were the days" (B-side of single White Room)? This song was also an eponymous CREAM song from the "In The Studio" portion of the DLP "Wheels Of Fire" released late August of the same year [US #1, UK #3 and UK #7 - 08/1968].***Tidbit time 2: while I was dining (in the evening 'round 7 pm [GMT]) with my parents and my sister Rose-Anne (who is living in Italy), I heard Hey Jude on the radio (RTB/Radio Diffusion Télévision Belge [to become RTBF a few years later]): waooouuuw! My goodness! I told my parents I had to buy the record the next day to a store in Aywaille not too far from Sougné-Remouchamps where I was living in]. Then, after school, my friends and buddies/chums and other fellas/fellows/camarades followed me to the said store to buy it themselves!***Tidbit time 3: my sister (who loved the song too) pinched the lyrics I got in a TV magazine (Moustique : hi Piero, KOR my dear!***I refounded them in her class notebook a few months later. To date I'm doubled up with laughter but I was a little bit set up at the time - aujourd!hui, je suis plié de rire/en deux mais j'étais un peu fâché à cette époque-là! Rose-Anne, cara mia sorella [I do speak Italian too :-)], tu étais vraiment une petite peste. (my sister was a small pest!)). By the way, warm wishes to my family who is living in Tara Street in San Francisco and in Ohio.A1-Beat-Rebroff-1968

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