In the olden days there was a group named The Beat Brothers (1961)

August 1961 : German Polydor (a Deutsche Grammophon-Polydor International GmbH subsidiary) released "My Bonnie (Mein Herz ist bei dir nur)" known as "rock version", by Tony Sheridan [ex-Vince Taylor and His Playboys] and The Beat Brothers. (The name The Beatles was considered too risque (risqué) in Germany, as it sounded like the word "Peedles", German slang for penis). Recorded under the auspices of orchestra leader Bert Kämpfert/Kaempfert at Harburg, Friedrich Ebert Halle in Hamburg, Germany. One of the other four songs of that session was their rendition of "Ain't She Sweet" sung by John Lennon; Pete Best, drums and released in the States three years later which one will become US #19 on the 22nd August of 1964! Originally from Broadway musical "Ain't She Sweet", 02/1933, by Milton Ager, Jack Yellen. Introduced by Paul Ash & His Orchestra, it is believed the first version has been recorded by Ben Bernie & His Orchestra, on Brunswick 3444. A version by Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys including Bing Crosby via Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps, UK Capitol, 1956.

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