Rhythm'n'blues & rock'n'roll in the U.S.S.R. : back in Russia with Macca (1988); CD, 1991 - Keep on rocking ! What a big surprise! CHOBA B CCCP

This album [CHOBA b CCCP - The Russian Album] was released exclusively in the U.S.S.R. on vinyl, 31st October 1988 by the Melodiya state label, ref.: A 60 00415 006 [40.000 pressed copies]. Including his renditions of:***Kansas City (originally K.C. Lovin' by Little Willie Littlefield, Maxwell Davis, saxophone, KING/Federal 12110, 11/1952, US R'N'B chart #34 better known in Wilbert Harrison's (US #1) and Little Richard's (US #95, UK #26) versions in 1959***Twenty Flight Rock from Eddie Cochran, 1956***Lawdy Miss Clawdy from Lloyd Price (with Fats Domino on piano), US R'N'B #1, 23rd May, 1952, Specialty, 1952***I'm In Love Again from (Antoine) Fats Domino, US #3 then US #1 R'n'B, 06/1956/UK #12, 09/56, Imperial [only included on the CD released in 1991].***Bring It On Home To Me from Sam Cooke (duet with Lou Rawls), RCA Victor, US #13, 25th Aug.1962***Lucille from Little Richard and his band (feat. Earl Palmer, drs; Red Tyler and Lee Allen, saxes; Frank Fields, bass; Ernest McLean and Justin Adams, gtrs (and supplementary pianists Huey "Piano" Smith, Edward Frank, Little Booker [not John Lee Hooker nor Booker Little] and Salvador Doucette), Specialty, US #27, 04/1957/UK #10, 08/57***Don't Get Around Much Anymore from Duke Ellington & his orchestra feat. Al Hibbler on vocal (1942 [Mel Tormé, 1945])***I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday from Fats Domino, Imperial (B-side of I want to walk you home), US #17, 09/1959***That's All Right Mama from Big Boy (Arthur) Crudup's (pronounced "crew-dup") That's All Right, circa October 1946 (RCA Victor 20-2205 and March 1949, RCA Victor 50-0000 (1st issue to a 45 rpm proto-rockabilly record) [feat. Ransom Knowling, bass and drummer Lawrence "Judge" Riley, DNC via Elvis Presley (That's All Right), SUN 209, released July 19, 1954; DNC***Summertime from opera Porgy And Bess by George Gershwin, 10/1935 (movie in 1957) via Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps (EMI UK/Capitol, 1958)***Ain't That A Shame from Domino again, US R&B chart #1 then crossed over and hitted US #10; UK #23, 01/1957***Crackin' Up from Bo Diddley (alias Otha Ellas Bates but given the surname McDaniel in infancy on adoption by his mother's first cousin Gussie McDaniel), US POP chart #62, 07/1959***Just Because from Elvis Presley (feat. Scotty Moore, gtr; Bill Black, bass; Dominic Joseph "D.J." Fontana (drums), RCA Victor, 1956, DNC and, Midnight Special from "unknown 'Texas' folklore": originally from "Pistol's Pete Midnight Special" by Dave "Pistol Pete" Cutrell in 1926 (Okeh) who recorded it twice.*** However, that could have been completely possible that "The Midnight Special" [not a real train but just a metaphor of freedom] was not written and composed by Leadbelly/Lead Belly = Huddie William Ledbetter himself in his jail (Angola State Penitentiary, Louisiana)], (rec. 1st July, 1934), American Record Company, 1934 as well as in 1936.******Photo on the left: back in Belgium on the 29th March of 1981 : Mr. Shelby S. Singleton, Jr., President of SUN RECORDS and myself on left. Back in the twentieth century! It was really nice to get e-mails from you a few months ago. Hope you're still in good health and your brother John too. All the best from Liège, Belgium, European Union. Photo taken while Orion was touring Europe.***If my memory doesn't fail, rock'n'roll and country singer Carl Mann went touring Belgium two times/twice. He did his first visit on the 5th October of 1980 at the Brazil in Hognoul near Liège and the second one on the 7th October of 1984 (photo on the right with him on left) at the same place.***As we knew each other (he had a very good memory), he asked me to sing together just for fun Hank Williams' Jambalaya (On the bayou) song (a capella and off stage).***Carl recorded Kansas City for Sam C. Phillips' Int'l Records on the 12th October 1959 but his version remained unreleased until the issue of the LP record/album THE SUN STORY VOL.6, Sunnyvale 9330-906, by GRT MUSIC, U.S.A., in 1977.

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