The Treniers + Rock The Joint original US 78 rpm label shot + Bill Haley in Mexico. Enjoy!

Just one word to write here: enjoy! However, while The Treniers (from Mobile, Alabama feat. Claude and Cliff, the twin brothers, Denny Trenier and Milton Trenier, their youngest brother joined the band in the late Fifties along with Don Hill, alto sax, ex-Tiny Bradshaw Orchestra and ex-Louis Armstrong's band; Charles Drayton or Jimmy Johnson, bass; Henry "Tucker" Green, ex-Lucky Millinder's Orchestra, ex-Benny Carter, ex-Johnny Otis, ex-Lester Young) drums and Gene Gilbeaux, piano, ex-Jimmy Whiterspoon), never really enjoyed a solid hit record, they influenced some of the greatest chart names and entertained millions of good music lovers by way of their appearances in early r'n'roll films. The Treniers was a fine example of a group who prospered without hits.***This most indefatigable of lounge acts also left their mark on no end of white "Vegas-fied" rock 'n' rollers including Jimmy Cavallo (aka Jimmy Cavello), Billy Duke, Charlie Gracie and Freddie Bell.***Bill Haley is said to have been playing in a Wildwood country band when he first saw the Treniers - and to have tossed his 10-gallon hat into the rock'n'roll ring after he heard them.***Whether it was The Treniers who encouraged Bill Haley or Haley who influenced the Treniers no-one can precisely know.***But to hear Claude and Cliff shouting their jump 'n' jive is to hear the genesis of rock'n'roll laid down with a vision and clarity that rivals the kiss-curled pioneer at his best.***In the first week of July 1958, they left Great-Britain for a pre-arranged tour of BELGIUM and Germany.

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