Charlie Gracie live in Belgium. (C) Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 (17th July 2006)

Back in Belgium in the late 70's, Hognoul, Liège, 7th October, 1979. Charlie Gracie playing [right] The Rambler Trio's Guitar Boogie feat. Arthur Smith - Guitar (Victor/Super Disc 1004, 09/1945) , accompanied by British Blue River Band (bass player Dave Travis - on left). Hi Dave, 't was my pleasure to meet you too. Right, playing Rockin' The Boogie composed by my friend Alan D. More.***Charlie GRACI was born on May 14, 1936, in the Italian part of Philadelphia. He first recorded rockabilly for Cadillac and 20th Century records from 1951 to 1956 with limited success.***"Butterfly" (Cameo 105, Feb.1957), an enormously commercial piece of rock'n'roll, was written by Bernie Lowe and Kal Mann, and credited to the producer of American Bandstand, Tony Mammarella, under the pseudonym of Anthony September [the latter pseudonym probably shared with Alan Freed?], hitted US POP chart at #7 on the 2nd March of 1957.***Gracie, ex-Paul Whiteman Orchestra's guitarist and singer was a proficient guitarist (who will record later in 1951 a proto-rockabilly record: "Boogie Boogie Blues", Cadillac 141 as Charlie Graci, Vocalist and His Guitar and, "Wildwood Boogie", 20th Century TC-7-5035, June 1955 as Charlie Gracie and The Wildcats).***Charlie's next hit was Fabulous (Cameo 107, April 1957) which peaked at #8 next 21st June.***Fabulous was recorded by Paul McCartney more than 4 decades later (Live at The Cavern Club, 14th December 1999).***The only one LP record/album he cut was issued in Belgium on Blackjack Records (a Liège-based label), NRL 1940 and released on the 20th March of 1981 including 2 songs written by my friend Alan D. More (aka Alain Darmor whose real name is Hubert D.) : Rockin' The Boogie and Train Down To Hell.***Tidbit time : Piero only saw his Télé-Moustique annotations when he bought the said LP.KOR!!!A1-CharlieGracie-Fabulous label shot

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