Other Granny Smiths with Mary and Badfinger: Goodbye, Come and get it, Knock, knock who's there? (3 times?)

http://youtu.be/N3TOcw7taBo***"Apple 10" [03/1969] hitted both US and UK charts at #13 and #2. Was also #1 in The Netherlands, #3 in Belgium and #15 in Germany. A song by Lennon/McCartney, arr. by Richard Hewson and produced by Macca. ***"Apple 20" [5th Dec. 1969, a song by Macca] taken from the film "The Magic Christian" then from the LP Magic Christian Music hitted both UK and US charts at #4 and #7.***"Apple 26" issued in March 1970, having been selected as the UK Eurovision entry will become the 2nd position at Eurovision Song Contest Festival/Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson in Amsterdam (NL) next 21 March. The said song hitted UK #2 next April. US #92 in December 1972!

http://youtu.be/3Sa8XyzbxUM (Goodbye)







http://youtu.be/N3TOcw7taBo (Come And Get It)















http://youtu.be/RrVdyu5uQaQ (Knock, Knock...)


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