Is she really going out with him? I don't know why...I can't stop to mess around!

***Formed by ex-proto-punk outfit London SS, ex-Elton Motello "1" (the latter formed in Brussels, Belgium in 1975 by Brian James alongside Alan Ward; Yves Kengen [later known as Yke N. Raxola] and Nobby Goff from Crawley nearby Brighton) Brian James, gtr (alias Brian Robertson) with Captain Sensible, bass (alias Raymond Burns), Rat Scabies, drums (alias Christopher Miller) and, Dave Vanian, vocals (alias David Letts).***Nov. 1976 : debut single is James' New Rose, with Lennon / McCartney's Help on the B-side. Produced by Nick Lowe and regarded as the first ever "punk" release, it did not chart but was Stiff's biggest seller to date (1991) and helped the label to a distribution deal with Island, a Phonogram subsidiary...Left to right: Scabies, Sensible, James, Vanian.

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