Sgt Pepper, neem je tijd ! / Sgt Pepper, take your time. Just for fun! Plagiarism? I don't think so ! 31/07/2006

***Feb. 1967: A Day In The Life is recorded for Sgt. Pepper's LHCB. In an unprecedented move in popular  The group uses 40 session musicians to create the track's orchestral sound.***Mar. 30 : a photo session for "Sgt. Pepper's" sleeve, a montage design created by pop artist Peter Blake, with Michael Cooper as photographer, takes place at Chelsea Manor studios in London.***EMI insists that permission must be granted for use of their photos by the many famous people selected by the Fab 4 as an imaginary audience and all those known to be alive are contacted.***The sleeve is the first to print lyrics and one of the gatefold covers.*** Photo featured a.o. the young Beatles, Cassius Clay, Bob Dylan, Dion Di Mucci, Mae West, Laurel and Hardy, Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe...***Sgt. Pepper's LHCB topped UK chart on 8th June 1967.***It will be critically revered as perhaps the best album in rock history bringing The Beatles at the climax of their carreer.***July 1, 1967 : Sgt. Pepper tops US chart.***1st June 1987 : CD Sgt. Pepper hits UK #3 on a wave of media nostalgia for the 20th anniversary of the album, widely regarded as the most important record of the rock era. ***"Plagiarized" photo features a.o. Eddy Merckx, Michel Preud'homme, Johan Verminnen, Elvis Costello, Jean-Marie Pfaff, Eric Clapton...was released in Belgium in 1990. All songs featured on the said CD are sung in Dutch.

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