Sgt Pepper, neem je tijd ! / Sgt Pepper, take your time. Just for fun! Plagiarism? I don't think so ! 31/07/2006

***Feb. 1967: A Day In The Life is recorded for Sgt. Pepper's LHCB. In an unprecedented move in popular  The group uses 40 session musicians to create the track's orchestral sound.***Mar. 30 : a photo session for "Sgt. Pepper's" sleeve, a montage design created by pop artist Peter Blake, with Michael Cooper as photographer, takes place at Chelsea Manor studios in London.***EMI insists that permission must be granted for use of their photos by the many famous people selected by the Fab 4 as an imaginary audience and all those known to be alive are contacted.***The sleeve is the first to print lyrics and one of the gatefold covers.*** Photo featured a.o. the young Beatles, Cassius Clay, Bob Dylan, Dion Di Mucci, Mae West, Laurel and Hardy, Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe...***Sgt. Pepper's LHCB topped UK chart on 8th June 1967.***It will be critically revered as perhaps the best album in rock history bringing The Beatles at the climax of their carreer.***July 1, 1967 : Sgt. Pepper tops US chart.***1st June 1987 : CD Sgt. Pepper hits UK #3 on a wave of media nostalgia for the 20th anniversary of the album, widely regarded as the most important record of the rock era. ***"Plagiarized" photo features a.o. Eddy Merckx, Michel Preud'homme, Johan Verminnen, Elvis Costello, Jean-Marie Pfaff, Eric Clapton...was released in Belgium in 1990. All songs featured on the said CD are sung in Dutch.

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Wings :Live and let die / Vivre et laisser mourir - James Bond OO7 / 007

wings - pochette Bond 007 (4-09-2012).jpgwings - live and let die - vinyl (4-09-2012).jpgwings - pochette gun's and roses (4-09-2012).jpgwings - roger moore (4-09-2012).jpg






 ***Double "O" or in French-speaking double "0" means license to kill, the latter to become another James Bond film 26 years later featuring Timothy Dalton in the role. As for Live And Let Die, it was ex-The Saint Simon Templar Roger Moore who got it.*** US hard rock group Guns N' Roses feat. W Axl Rose alias William Bailey, lead vocals; Slash alias Saul Hudson, gtr; Izzy Stradlin, gtr; Duff Rose McKagan alias Michael McKagan, bass and Steven Adler, drums alias Steven Oh made a rendition, UK #5 (produced by Mike Clink and themselves) issued in 1991 on GEFFEN [in Europe: an MCA Company distributed by BMG Ariola, a Bertelsmann Music Group Company, Münich, Germany].***Live and let die by Wings, the theme to forthcoming James Bond film hitted both UK and US charts at #9 and #2 (2nd June and August 11, 1973).***Appréhendé pour composer la musique du film de James Bond "Vivre et laisser mourir" avec Roger Moore, Paul McCartney compose un de ses titres les plus originaux et ambitieux en mêlant la ballade, le reggae et l’orchestre symphonique dans le même morceau. Comme tous les titres phares des génériques de James Bond, celui-là ne manque pas non plus d'être spectaculaire avec grand orchestre comme le veut la tradition "bondienne".

http://youtu.be/e7aGAIWe3uE (Wings) - http://youtu.be/8JjVPiDLdH4 (Guns N' Roses)






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All together now/Tous ensemble maintenant (1969)

Belgian Pop group (The) SWEET FEELING recorded 5 singles issued between 1967 and 1969 on EMI/HMV and EMI/Columbia. The group included bass player JOHN VALCKE who'll become a member of the WALLACE COLLECTION in late 1971 and a few years later a member of Freddy Nieuland's new group DAYDREAM including ex-WALLACE COLLECTION's pianist Marc Hérouet and violincellist Serge Ghazarian in 1976.***Black and white photos : picture sleeve backside of Sweet Feeling 45 rpm record.***.

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Is she really going out with him? I don't know why...I can't stop to mess around!

***Formed by ex-proto-punk outfit London SS, ex-Elton Motello "1" (the latter formed in Brussels, Belgium in 1975 by Brian James alongside Alan Ward; Yves Kengen [later known as Yke N. Raxola] and Nobby Goff from Crawley nearby Brighton) Brian James, gtr (alias Brian Robertson) with Captain Sensible, bass (alias Raymond Burns), Rat Scabies, drums (alias Christopher Miller) and, Dave Vanian, vocals (alias David Letts).***Nov. 1976 : debut single is James' New Rose, with Lennon / McCartney's Help on the B-side. Produced by Nick Lowe and regarded as the first ever "punk" release, it did not chart but was Stiff's biggest seller to date (1991) and helped the label to a distribution deal with Island, a Phonogram subsidiary...Left to right: Scabies, Sensible, James, Vanian.

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Other Granny Smiths with Mary and Badfinger: Goodbye, Come and get it, Knock, knock who's there? (3 times?)

http://youtu.be/N3TOcw7taBo***"Apple 10" [03/1969] hitted both US and UK charts at #13 and #2. Was also #1 in The Netherlands, #3 in Belgium and #15 in Germany. A song by Lennon/McCartney, arr. by Richard Hewson and produced by Macca. ***"Apple 20" [5th Dec. 1969, a song by Macca] taken from the film "The Magic Christian" then from the LP Magic Christian Music hitted both UK and US charts at #4 and #7.***"Apple 26" issued in March 1970, having been selected as the UK Eurovision entry will become the 2nd position at Eurovision Song Contest Festival/Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson in Amsterdam (NL) next 21 March. The said song hitted UK #2 next April. US #92 in December 1972!

http://youtu.be/3Sa8XyzbxUM (Goodbye)







http://youtu.be/N3TOcw7taBo (Come And Get It)















http://youtu.be/RrVdyu5uQaQ (Knock, Knock...)


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George Harrison and Apple singles (yum-yum again with What Is Life, My Sweet Lord and Ding Dong, Ding Dong)

Originally issued as the B-side of My sweet lord (US, 12/1970; UK, 01/1971), What is life [French pressing] hitted US POP chart #10 on 27th March 1971***Back on the 26th December of 1970, My Sweet Lord [Italian pressing] topped the US POP chart, giving Harrison a second accolade as the first ex-Beatle with a chart-topping single. Originally given away by George to Billy Preston for his Apple album Encouraging Word and even scheduled as a Preston single release, it became a worldwide #1 (Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany...), selling over 5 million copies. This single topped the UK chart on 30th January 1971.***Tidbit time: next March: Bright Tunes, which owned copyright of the late Ronnie Mack's song He's So Fine, a hit for US group The Chiffons (1963 US #5, UK #16), made a legal claim that MSL plagiarized its former client's hit, and all royalty payments were frozen. George claimed that his song was inspired by the Edwin Hawkins Singers' hit Oh Happy Day (1969 US #4, UK #2). More than 5 years later, Sept.7, 1976 in US, District Court Judge, Richard Owens, will rule in favor of the plaintif, but will allow that George perhaps subconsciously adapted the song. Bright Tunes was paid USD 587.000 and was taken over by ex-Beatles' manager, Allen Klein, who continued a damage suit. The Chiffons released a cover version of MSL but did not chart (DNC). "Ding Dong" (Apple UK, R 6002), [Belgian pressing, 12/74] made UK #38 in January 1975 and US #36 on the 8th February of the same year. The B-side I don't care anymore (because of The Chiffons' affair) reflected his mood of the time. My sweet lord re-charted UK #2 in 2002.***John Lennon aurait même rapporté ceci d'après des experts en matière de plagiat : "Il aurait pu tout de même changer quelques notes..." !

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 The Treniers + Rock The Joint original US 78 rpm label shot + Bill Haley in Mexico. Enjoy!

Just one word to write here: enjoy! However, while The Treniers (from Mobile, Alabama feat. Claude and Cliff, the twin brothers, Denny Trenier and Milton Trenier, their youngest brother joined the band in the late Fifties along with Don Hill, alto sax, ex-Tiny Bradshaw Orchestra and ex-Louis Armstrong's band; Charles Drayton or Jimmy Johnson, bass; Henry "Tucker" Green, ex-Lucky Millinder's Orchestra, ex-Benny Carter, ex-Johnny Otis, ex-Lester Young) drums and Gene Gilbeaux, piano, ex-Jimmy Whiterspoon), never really enjoyed a solid hit record, they influenced some of the greatest chart names and entertained millions of good music lovers by way of their appearances in early r'n'roll films. The Treniers was a fine example of a group who prospered without hits.***This most indefatigable of lounge acts also left their mark on no end of white "Vegas-fied" rock 'n' rollers including Jimmy Cavallo (aka Jimmy Cavello), Billy Duke, Charlie Gracie and Freddie Bell.***Bill Haley is said to have been playing in a Wildwood country band when he first saw the Treniers - and to have tossed his 10-gallon hat into the rock'n'roll ring after he heard them.***Whether it was The Treniers who encouraged Bill Haley or Haley who influenced the Treniers no-one can precisely know.***But to hear Claude and Cliff shouting their jump 'n' jive is to hear the genesis of rock'n'roll laid down with a vision and clarity that rivals the kiss-curled pioneer at his best.***In the first week of July 1958, they left Great-Britain for a pre-arranged tour of BELGIUM and Germany.

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Charlie Gracie live in Belgium. (C) Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 (17th July 2006)

Back in Belgium in the late 70's, Hognoul, Liège, 7th October, 1979. Charlie Gracie playing [right] The Rambler Trio's Guitar Boogie feat. Arthur Smith - Guitar (Victor/Super Disc 1004, 09/1945) , accompanied by British Blue River Band (bass player Dave Travis - on left). Hi Dave, 't was my pleasure to meet you too. Right, playing Rockin' The Boogie composed by my friend Alan D. More.***Charlie GRACI was born on May 14, 1936, in the Italian part of Philadelphia. He first recorded rockabilly for Cadillac and 20th Century records from 1951 to 1956 with limited success.***"Butterfly" (Cameo 105, Feb.1957), an enormously commercial piece of rock'n'roll, was written by Bernie Lowe and Kal Mann, and credited to the producer of American Bandstand, Tony Mammarella, under the pseudonym of Anthony September [the latter pseudonym probably shared with Alan Freed?], hitted US POP chart at #7 on the 2nd March of 1957.***Gracie, ex-Paul Whiteman Orchestra's guitarist and singer was a proficient guitarist (who will record later in 1951 a proto-rockabilly record: "Boogie Boogie Blues", Cadillac 141 as Charlie Graci, Vocalist and His Guitar and, "Wildwood Boogie", 20th Century TC-7-5035, June 1955 as Charlie Gracie and The Wildcats).***Charlie's next hit was Fabulous (Cameo 107, April 1957) which peaked at #8 next 21st June.***Fabulous was recorded by Paul McCartney more than 4 decades later (Live at The Cavern Club, 14th December 1999).***The only one LP record/album he cut was issued in Belgium on Blackjack Records (a Liège-based label), NRL 1940 and released on the 20th March of 1981 including 2 songs written by my friend Alan D. More (aka Alain Darmor whose real name is Hubert D.) : Rockin' The Boogie and Train Down To Hell.***Tidbit time : Piero only saw his Télé-Moustique annotations when he bought the said LP.KOR!!!A1-CharlieGracie-Fabulous label shot

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Rock-a-beatin' boogie : tribute to Danny Cedrone (20/06/1920 - 17/06/1954). C'est la vie.

Parfois le destin est vraiment tragique...Ou comment se tuer "bêtement" à l'âge de 33 ans suite à une chute et en faisant un vol plané dans des escaliers [il s'était brisé la nuque et mourut instantanémént]. Danny Cedrone, lead guitar Gibson ES-300 (né Donato Cedrone le 20 juin 1920) commence à enregistrer avec les Saddlemen à Chester, banlieue de Philadelphie, PA, en juin/juillet 1951.*** English-speaking translation: sometimes the destiny is really tragic… Or how to be killed at the age of nearly 34 years while slipping and falling into the staircases [he broke his neck]. Danny Cedrone (born Donato Cedrone on June 20, 1920) started recording with The Saddlemen in Chester, suburb of Philadelphia, Pa. , in June/July 1951.(Sundown Boogie [a proto-rockabilly original] and later Rock The Joint [from Jimmy Preston and His Prestonians, GOTHAM JP-12, G-188-A, Philadelphia, 24th Sep. 1949] et, Rocking Chair On The Moon [co-signé avec HARRY BROOMHALL (fidèle garde du corps/bodyguard et supporter de Bill), Dance With A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stockin') [from a 19th century minstrel song "Lubly Fan" (aka Buffalo Gals) by Cool White (alias John Hodges) and The Virginian Serenaders, 1844 [As I was walking down the street, down the street, down the street, a pretty gal I chance to meet under the silvery moon. Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight? Come out tonight, come out tonight? Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight, and dance by the light of the moon...] via Lubly Fan and/or Round Town Gals by Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters (hillbilly), Okeh, 1926 and, via Terry Shand and His Orchestra's "Dance With A Dolly", January 1940) et, Real Rock Drive un peu plus loin dans cette même année 1951 (a little bit later in the same year, then practically "disappears" leaving only one single) puis "disparaît" quasiment ne laissant qu'un autre single. Danny will also play lead guitar on Crazy Man, Crazy in 1953.***On le retrouvera ce fameux jour du 12 avril 1954 à la session de RATC puis sur Shake, Rattle And Roll le 7 juin suivant. Il se tue 10 jours plus tard.***Guyden Records [to become a Jamie subsidiary, the latter founded back in 1958 by Harold Lipsius in Philadelphia, Pa.] was owned by Bob Cordell. B/W (backed with) St. Louie Blues from Wayne Christopher Handy's original St. Louis Blues, Swaggie JCS-33787, Chicago, 26th Feb., 1929 (instrumental). Rock A-Beatin'-Boogie charted (with Kay Carol on vocals) #42 in the Cash Box TOP 50 on 30th Oct.1954. W.C. Handy made also the original version of "Say Yeah" (RENOWN XY-102, 10/1957 [Renown Records and Publications, Inc., Durham, North Carolina]) as Wayne Handy / Jim Thornton And His Band. Who made the original version of RABB? That's the question...See ya next 17th July, 2006 for the response..[maybe I have one, :-)]. 'Course. Just a small idea, Steph? Dunno, just wait like the others. However, Bill Haley who wrote this song, recorded it a full four years later. Bill Haley used to say that this was the song which inspired Alan Freed.***, producer of American Bandstand, Tony Mammarella, in particular signed Butterfly (originally written by Kal Mann and Bernie Lowe) under the pseudonym of Anthony September, [US #7, 2 March 1957] (Charlie Gracie - nice to met you in Liège a few years ago) and certain songs of Connie Francis without having taken part under the pseudonym of Anthony September too. He was, in May 62, accused in the scandal “payolas” (Eng-sp. "bribes" at the same time as Alan Freed. Six other D.J.'S known are fallen in the same business. Alan Freed was never raised some and died on January 20, 1965 in In 1960, the United States Senate investigated payola, the practice of music-producing companies paying broadcasting companies to favor their product, at Palm Springs hospital aged 43 completely ruined. Dick Clark (Richard Augustus Wagstaff, music-producing companies paying broadcasting companies to favor their product. As a result, Clark's personal investments in music publishing and recording companies were considered a conflict of interest, and he sold his shares in those companies.) : when the payola crisis had hit rock at the time, he's been called "the single most influential person"in the popular music industry and made to divest himself of some business interests after the Congressional probe. Despite that, ABC kept on the Dick Clark Show, a syndicated newspaper column, working as a tour emcee and the ill-fated World Of Talent.***He was the first to use the terms of rock'n' roll and signed lyrics in particular with Chuck Berry (.***His troubles constituted in kinda revenge of the good adult white American society of the Fifties which hated rock'n'roll, the white and black mixture and from there, Alan Freed.***He was inducted into the rock'n'roll hall of fame in 1986 for his participation in the explosion and the expansion of r'n'r. It is a historical certainty...***[traduction française: Tony Mammarella, producteur de l'American Bandstand a signé notamment Butterfly (écrite à l'origine par Kal Mann et Bernie Lowe), (Charlie Gracie) et certaines chansons de Connie Francis sans y avoir participé sous le pseudonyme de Anthony SEPTEMBER. Il a été, en mai 62, inculpé dans le scandale des "payolas" (pots-de-vin) en même temps que Alan Freed. Six autres D.J.'s connus sont tombés dans la même affaire. Alan Freed ne s'en est jamais relevé et est mort complètement ruiné en janvier '65. Il avait été le premier à utiliser les termes de rock'n'roll et a signé des textes notamment avec Chuck Berry (pas du tout content parce que Freed n'avait strictement rien à voir avec cette chanson!). Ses ennuis constituaient en sorte une revanche de la bonne société blanche adulte américaine des années 50 qui détestait le rock, le mélange blanc et noir et de là, Alan Freed mais Berry n'en avait rien à fiche! Il a été introduit au rock'n'roll hall of fame en 1986 pour sa participation à l'explosion et l'expansion du r'n'r. C'est une certitude historique / to come up with "rock'n'roll" as a name for the new music.; Bill was some two years adrift in his timing but Freed certainly liked and plugged THE TRENIERS (COLUMBIA/Okeh 7023, March 1954 as the B-side of Trapped In A Web Of Love) then issued on an EPIC E.P. EG 7103 in 1955 [feat. Don Hill on Alto Sax / Orch. under dir. of Quincy Jones]. They, in return, dedicated "MOONDOG" 'S ROCK 'N'ROLL PARTY [White, of Welsh-Lithuanian descent, Freed chose the new name to avoid the racial stigmate thought inherent in existing names like "rhythm & blues" and "race music". Freed was the catalyst throughout his radio show] on Cleveland's WJW in June 1951. RABB written for them by Bill Haley [however, even if the latter wrote that the song had been especially written for his friend Danny Cedrone (issued in December 1952 (see other topic) and the same record in April 1954 - Cedrone hesitating to record it! [maybe was it his firm Guyden records to hesitate?] : The Treniers beat (???) Cedrone [the song was recorded in December 1953]. Nevertheless, his version was much better than the latter, anyway!) in his book "Sound And Glory" published by his eldest son in 1990 (Bill Haley was quite unable to distinguish the lie from the truth: did his memory fail?)] was another fine example of the genre that enslaved Freddie Bell(o) and a young Charlie Graci(e) , ex-Paul Whiteman's Orchestra.***http://www.the-jime.dk/Rockabilly_Guitar/Rock_Around_the_Clock_Solo.htm

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What about John? Cold Turkey, Instant Karma & Give Peace A Chance

These three songs were credited as Plastic Ono Band, Lennon / Lennon/Ono (With the Plastic Ono Band).*** Apple? Yum-yum again with John and his pop music and what about UK and US charts?***"Apple 13" [the disk was credited to The POB (a name John will use for the musicians he is recording with over the next few years). Appearing on it were John himself, Tommy Smothers, Petula Clark (!), Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg] was released in July 1969 and hitted US #14 and UK #2***"Apple 1003" (02/1970), recorded in a day and produced by Phil "Wall of Sound" Spector hitted UK #5 and US #3. George played guitar and Allen Klein and assorted club-goers from London's Hatchetts club provided chorus.***"Apple 1001", on the agonies of drug (suffering from) withdrawal (11/1969) charted US #30 and hitted UK #14 [...With love, John Lennon of Bag. Then moved him to America]

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