Barclay James Harvest : Titles (adapted from The Beatles)***http://www.bjharvest.co.uk/ (with pleasure, Keith)

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BJH - Titles - 1975 - skynet 12-08-2006 (3-09-12).jpgBJH - Titles (2) - (3-09-2012).jpg ***About the only eyebrow-raising number here is "Titles", a song that was supposed to be some kinda/a kind of musical tribute to the Beatles where the band (some of MySpace friends) makes a four minute (3'38) "pot-pourri" of sorts, combining snippets from the Beatles' melodies "The long and winding road, here comes the sun" and snippets from the Beatles' lyrics in a strange sappy mélange wiith choruses like "All you need is love" to succeed, "Lady Madonna let it be", "Something" in the way you wrote, yesterday" and lyrics like "Across the universe one after 909 I've got a feeling for you blue and I feel fine"...So they say. The song probably aims for kitsch but misses the mark entirely was taken from the LP record Time Honoured Ghosts released in November 1975.***The single was released in UK on 14th Nov. 1975 and the German & Belgian pressings b/w another B-side in 11/1975 and 02/1976.***"Titles" was trad. and arr. by John Lees.***Tidbit time 1 : I went to see BJH at Grand Theâtre de Verviers on Sunday 9th April 2006 with a friend of mine, Mo, WALLACE COLLECTION's manager. However, I first saw BJH (feat. Les Holroyd, John Lees, Melvin Pritchard and Woolley Wolstenholme were one of the first bands to use systematically mellotron since The Beatles used it in Strawberry Fields Forever) in Liège at the Emulation (supporting act : Hungary-based group Omega [Perlen Im Haar, 1973]), place du 20 août back on the 20th March of 1975.***This concert had been organized by another friend of mine, Jacques Braipson, Jeunesses Musicales' boss.***Tidbit time 2 : due to a fire on the 20th August of 1914, the Emulation was rebuilded 20 years later. The works of rebuilding started in 1934 to end in 1939. The architect who drew the new plans for its renovation was Julien Koenig, my father's godfather...http://www.ulg.ac.be/slemul/historique/220_ans.html

http://youtu.be/JNTUbcycX7kBJH - carte de visite (3-09-2012).jpgBJH - ticket concert 20-03-1975 (3-09-2012).jpg

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