Bill Haley : back in the olden days - 1947 - 1951

A1-BillHaley-FourLeafCloverBluesA1-BillHaley-DealMeA1-BillHaley-TooManyPartiesA1-BillHaley-WhyDo-Atlantic***The Cowboy Records label was founded in March 1945 by Jack Howard.***Keystone Records, another Philadelphia small label belonged to Ed Wilson.***Atlantic was created in 1948 in New York City by Herb Abramson and Ahmet Ertegun.***US original label shots by courtesy of Rocking Country Style Webmaster Terry Gordon, Atlanta, United States Of America - lotsa thanx, Terry.***Recorded for radio in 1947 and ca. 1950 and previously unreleased were Bill Haley's renditions of The Wreck On The Highway originally recorded by Dorsey Dixon [Feb., 1938] and / or The Dixon Brothers under the title (I) Didn't Hear Nobody Pray, 1938 and, Red River Valley from Montana Slim's Red River Valley Blues, RCA Victor/Bluebird B-8441, 1941; My Bucket's Got A Hole In It from Hank Williams and His Drifting Cowboys, MGM 10560, 1949, Cool Water from Hank Williams, radio transcription, 1949.***Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals (Ray Henderson/Billy RosS/Mort Dixon), Cowboy records, Aug. 1948 : later recorded by Hank Williams, Sr. as Luke The Drifter, MGM 10718, Jan. 10, 1950.***Candy Kisses (Cowboy records CR-1202, April 1949) from supposed George Morgan's original [Bill Haley could have already recorded it from a popular in 1945 when he was 20 - very strange! The first recording of this song was made by The Five Blind Boys of Alabama (leader Clarence Fountain) in 1948 and issued on Newark's label Coleman Records, New Jersey then by Rex Turner and The Westerners on Varsity V 8015 in 1948 as well], Columbia, March 1949, US Country charts #1 via Red Foley, Decca, 1949, US Country charts #4. b/w Tennessee Border from Red Foley, Decca, US Country charts #3, 1949 [originally by Jimmy Work and His Tennessee Border Boys, Alben 501, 1948].***The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along was also recorded for radio in 1949 and borrowed to Spike Jones And His City Slickers, RCA Victor, 1942.***Ten Gallon Stetson - recorded in 1950 for Keystone 5101, March 1950 - was also borrowed but this time to Ray Whitley acc. by Santa Fe' Ranger Melvin Price, Cowboy recs CR- 302, November 1947.***Long Gone Daddy (GOTHAM G-7416, 1951) : from I'm A Long Gone Daddy by Hank Williams, 1948, Cash Box #6.***Tidbit time : May 21, 1951 : Williams is admitted to the North Louisiana Sanitarium suffering from acute alcoholism. Williams has regularly resorted to alcohol and narcotics to ease severe back pains which are now analyzed as a birth defect, spina bifida occulta.***December 31, 1952 : 17-year-old Charles Carr drives Williams' Cadillac from Montgomery, Alabama, as they set out out for a New Year's Eve gig at the Memorial Auditorium, Canton, Ohio. Highway patrolman SWANN KITTS books Carr for speeding near Rutledge, Tennessee, and suggests to the driver that his back seat passenger looks dead.***January 1, 1953 : at 5.30am Carr stops for directions in Oak Hill, West Virginia.***Outside a Pure Oil service station he realizes Williams' body feels cold and calls the police. Patrolman HOWARD JAMEY confirms the death.***An autopsy conducted at Oak Hill hospital gives cause of death as heart failure [due to a shot].***In fact, Williams GOT A SHOT (US) / HAD IT OFF (UK) / une "PIQUOUZE"...This last sentence : (C) S. KOENIG - 25th August 2006.

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