The Beatles : other French pressings (singles)

June 14, 1969 : The Ballad Of John And Yoko, with only Lennon and McCartney playing on the track, tops UK chart. It is the 1st stereo single release by the group and its last UK #1.***July 12, 1969 : single hits US #8, plagued by radio censorship problems through its use of the word "Christ".***December 6, 1969 : Something/Come Together hits UK #4.***About "Something" : Frank Sinatra calls it the greatest love song of the last 50 years and will recorded it himself at the end of October 1970.***March 21, 1970 : Let It Be hits UK #2.***April 11, 1970 : Let It Be tops US chart, having debuted at #6, the highest position ever for any single in its 1st week of release.

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