How to listen to GET BACK in German-singing! : The Swingin' Pig serie : Ultra Rare Trax + super 45 tours français odéon SOE 3760

The sound quality on the URT series was phenomenal. Many people are of the opinion that the one-inch masters were used and thus, it had to be an "inside job." Heatley told ICE, though, "I would dispute that completely ... they could've been done on quarter-inch tape many years ago." He also denied stories that CD test pressings sent to the Beatles might have been a source or that Mark Lewisohn had anything to do with the tapes leaking out.***Still others believe that these studio outtakes actually slipped out at two distinct times in the 1980s. The first leak purportedly occurred during the studio compilation project for EMI's aborted Beatles album, Sessions. A limited amount of tape dubs were made of certain unreleased Beatles songs reviewed for the project. A person or persons later sold the copies through a middleman, which then made their way into bootlegger's bands.***A second leak is also said to have occurred around 1987, during the production of a radio special on the Beatles. Again, tape copies were made and distributed through an intermediary to both The Swingin' Pig and Yellow Dog Records. The price was said to be in the $20,000 range for about six hours of tape.***The original tapes are said to be back at EMI, the damage had already been done. Many hours of rare music were ultimately released without the permission of either the group or its record label.****Tracks 1-7-8-9-10: mono - tracks 2-3-4-5-6: stereo.***Track 7: very funny version - try to listen and you'll know what I mean!A1-Beat-Beatles-CD cover-60pppA1-Beat-Beatles-CD-1989-6 pppA1-Beatles-EP-IFeelFine***12th Dec. 1964 : I Feel Fine tops UK chart, with advance orders of 750,000/750.000, and is their fourth consecutive UK million-seller.***Dec. 26, 1964 : I Feel Fine tops US chart as She's A Woman hits US #4 , completing a run of 30 US hits for the year.***I feel Fine : l'intro fut utilisée suite à un effet Larsen "accidentel", 1er feed back de l'Histoire du Rock!

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