I call your name / I wanna be your man - punk cover versions by The Boys (UK, July 1977) and The Saints (Australia, Jan. 1977) - 18/10/2006 + 3/11/2006

***The Boys (Alternative Chartbusters) : Duncan "Kid" Reid, bass, vcl; Jack Black, drums; Rudi (ex X-Ray Spex), sax; Honest John Plain (ex Lurkers), vcl; Matt Dangerfield (ex London SS), gtr & vcl; Casino Steel (ex London SS, ex Hollywood Brats), keyboards, vcl.***Every Xmas the Boys became the YOBS and released a seasonal offering.***Australian band The saints recorded a few notes of I Wanna Be Your Man as part of Erotic Neurotic* [*Australian Composition signed Kuepper-Bailey] featured on their 1st LP (I'm) Stranded released in January 1977 on EMI Australia Ltd.***This band included Chris Bailey, vocals; Ed Kuepper, guitar; Kym Bradshaw, bass; Ivor Hay, drums.***Chris Bailey is the second from left***LP produced by Rod Coe and recorded at Window Studios, Brisbane, Australia.***The Saints feat. Chris Bailey will tour Belgium @ the Spirit Of 66 in Verviers next 13th November.A1-Beat-Boys-pic cover-07-1977A1-Beat-The Boys-1977-85pppA1-Beat-TheSaints-1977-50pppA1-Beat-TheSaints-label shot-1977-100pppA1-Beat-TheSaints-EroticNeurotic-1977

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