Peter and Gordon : A world without love - March 1964

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By Peter (Asher, brother of Macca's girlfriend Jane, b. June 22, 1944, London) and Gordon (Waller, June 4, 1945, Braemar, Scotland-July 20, 2009) accompaniment directed by Geoff Love, EMI/Columbia DB 7225, 02/1964, UK #1, May 1964 entered UK chart the previous March [US #1, Capitol F5175]. Both sons of doctors, met at Westminster boys' school and were part of a quasi-Shadows trio, playing school events and coffee bars. 45 rpm records : France, EMI/Columbia SCRF 760, May 1964 / EP ESRF 1533. NL single : br music BR 45283A, 1989. The B-side "Woman" of NL single was written by Paul McCartney. The song hitted US chart at #14 [Capitol F5579] and made UK #28 [Columbia DB 7834, 03/1966] in March 1966.***Tidbit time : Macca, growing tired of people assuming his songs were only hits because he had written them, penned the song as Parisian student Bernard Webb. In US, Paul added co-writing credit of A. Smith.

http://youtu.be/iM0pD5NbQKY / http://youtu.be/mEr76NhLaUY

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