Peter and Gordon : A world without love - March 1964

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By Peter (Asher, brother of Macca's girlfriend Jane, b. June 22, 1944, London) and Gordon (Waller, June 4, 1945, Braemar, Scotland-July 20, 2009) accompaniment directed by Geoff Love, EMI/Columbia DB 7225, 02/1964, UK #1, May 1964 entered UK chart the previous March [US #1, Capitol F5175]. Both sons of doctors, met at Westminster boys' school and were part of a quasi-Shadows trio, playing school events and coffee bars. 45 rpm records : France, EMI/Columbia SCRF 760, May 1964 / EP ESRF 1533. NL single : br music BR 45283A, 1989. The B-side "Woman" of NL single was written by Paul McCartney. The song hitted US chart at #14 [Capitol F5579] and made UK #28 [Columbia DB 7834, 03/1966] in March 1966.***Tidbit time : Macca, growing tired of people assuming his songs were only hits because he had written them, penned the song as Parisian student Bernard Webb. In US, Paul added co-writing credit of A. Smith.

http://youtu.be/iM0pD5NbQKY / http://youtu.be/mEr76NhLaUY

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 I call your name / I wanna be your man - punk cover versions by The Boys (UK, July 1977) and The Saints (Australia, Jan. 1977) - 18/10/2006 + 3/11/2006

***The Boys (Alternative Chartbusters) : Duncan "Kid" Reid, bass, vcl; Jack Black, drums; Rudi (ex X-Ray Spex), sax; Honest John Plain (ex Lurkers), vcl; Matt Dangerfield (ex London SS), gtr & vcl; Casino Steel (ex London SS, ex Hollywood Brats), keyboards, vcl.***Every Xmas the Boys became the YOBS and released a seasonal offering.***Australian band The saints recorded a few notes of I Wanna Be Your Man as part of Erotic Neurotic* [*Australian Composition signed Kuepper-Bailey] featured on their 1st LP (I'm) Stranded released in January 1977 on EMI Australia Ltd.***This band included Chris Bailey, vocals; Ed Kuepper, guitar; Kym Bradshaw, bass; Ivor Hay, drums.***Chris Bailey is the second from left***LP produced by Rod Coe and recorded at Window Studios, Brisbane, Australia.***The Saints feat. Chris Bailey will tour Belgium @ the Spirit Of 66 in Verviers next 13th November.A1-Beat-Boys-pic cover-07-1977A1-Beat-The Boys-1977-85pppA1-Beat-TheSaints-1977-50pppA1-Beat-TheSaints-label shot-1977-100pppA1-Beat-TheSaints-EroticNeurotic-1977

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Pour mon anniversaire, j'voudrais un Beatle : 14th October (1952) - happy birthday too to Mr. Bill Justis (1927) and Sir Cliff Richard (1940)

Pour mon anniversaire je voudrais un Beatle, 09/1964 : adapted from Die Sweetles' Ich wünsch' mir zum Geburtstag einen Beatle released in Germany in 1963.***The BMG/Ariola Express Belgium CD was released in 1990 including the original versions issued on Stella for teenagers and Belgian Decca labels between 1963 and 1968.***Eurovision Song Contest Festival, Luxembourg City, 5th March 1966 : Tonia [Dominicus, née à Anderlecht, le 25 juillet 1947] sétait classée 4° sur 18 avec 14 points.***http://www.concours-eurovision.be/bdd/belgique.htm***http://www.eurovision-fr.net/pagespays/be.php.***Thanks: eBay Belgium.A1-A-Tonia-50pppA1-Beat-Tonia-pochetteBeatles1A1-Beat-Tonia-45tours-juillet1964A1-Beat-Tonia-Eurovision-1966A1-Beat-Tonia-CD-70ppp

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Paul McCartney : duets (11th Oct. 2006)

***Ebony And Ivory (additional vocals by Stevie Wonder) was released in March 1982 and topped UK and US charts on 24th April and 15th May 1982.***The Girl Is Mine, an excerpt from the album Thriller (1st December 1982), hitted #8 in UK in Nov. 1982 and US #2 on 8th January 1983.***Say Say Say again with Jacko hitted at #2 in UK in Nov. 1983 and topped US chart the following 10th December.A1-Beat-Macca1-1982A1-Beat-Macca2-1982A1-Beat-Macca3-1983A1-Beat-Macca4-1983A1-Beat-Macca5A1-Beat-Macca6

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 Charlie Gracie's original US label shots from Rockin' Country Style, Atlanta, U.S.A. - special thanks to Mr. Charlie Graci, Jr.

Original US label shots (1951-1952-1957-1957-1957-1957-1958) : with special thanks to Terry Gordon, Rockin' Country Style Webmaster and Mr. Charlie Gracie, Jr.Charlie Graci-Boogie boogie blues-1951Ch.Gracie 2Ch. Gracie 3Ch. Gracie 4Ch. Gracie 5Ch. Gracie 6Ch. Gracie 7

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Bruxelles, concerts 0110, place des Palais (suite)

La photo du dos de la pochette du 33 tours Laughing Cavalier et quelques autres singles parmi les kilos que j'avais apportés avec moi.***Vous pourrez constater que sur la pochette de We Gotta Something New (1970), on y voit John Valcke tout en haut et que le Wallace comprend 7 membres.***Serenade, 04/1970.***Il Sorriso, Il Paradiso, Italie, 1971.***You're Gone, 1971.***Like A Rose On The Table, 10/1971.(John Valcke se trouve juste à côté de Freddy).***Sur la pochette de ce single figure toujours l'infatigable Freddy Nieuland seul rescapé de la formation de 1968 (Sixteenth Century) -1969.***Anecdote/tidbit time : both songs Get Back and Misery, for some British folks, were supposed to have been written by Lennon and McCartney!!!A1-Beat-WC-LP-60pppA1-Beat-WC1-04-1970A1-Beat-WC-45-1970A1-Beat-WC-1971A1-Beat-WC-45-1971A1-Beat-WC-45-1971-bis

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A specially-recorded version of Jealous Guy

Roxy Music feat. Bryan Ferry on vocal; Andy Mackay, sax, woodwinds; Phil Manzanera (aka Philip Targett-Adams Manzanera), guitar; Brian Eno (aka Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno), Rik Kenton, bass and Paul Thompson, drums, cut a specially-recorded version of John Lennon's Jealous Guy as a tribute following John's murder.***Their version topped UK chart in March 1981 - Roxy Music's only #1 single.***Jealous Guy was extracted from the album Imagine recorded by John Lennon in 1971.***This NL compil was issued in the late April 1981 b/w Going Down On Love, an excerpt taken from the LP Walls And Bridges from 1974.***A1-Beat-RoxyMusic-1981A1-Beat-Roxy-single-1981A1-Beat-Lennon-1981A1-Beat-Lennon-single-1981

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Concerts 0110 - backstage again - Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 (3/10/2006) - updated : 21/12/2006

J'avais apporté avec moi des kilos de vieux vinyles originaux dont la presque totalité des 45 tours du Wallace Collection, quelques Two Man Sound. Sylvain était épaté de revoir une pochette de son groupe The Seabirds (1960-1963). "En plus, ils sont neufs" me dit-il tout en restant très attentif à ce que j'étais entrain de déballer.***Anecdote : Un jeune homme vit aussi cette pochette et me dit qu'à l'extrême droite se trouvait son grand-père (Benny Dewilde)!***J'étais vachement ravi mais impressionné de revoir Sylvain 33 ans plus tard et dans mes petits souliers avec une charmante demoiselle juste à côté de moi.***Sylvain se trouve à l'extrême gauche sur la pochette des Seabirds suivi de Rudy et Freddy Clarisse alias Eddy Clarck - un nom bien choisi puisqu'originaire d'Ostende.***Merci pour ces infos, Sylvain.***Copacabana, 1971; What Can I Do, 1972 et Charlie Brown, 1975.***Cette dernière chanson existe aussi en anglais sous le titre Disco Charlie Brown - chant : Kevin Mulligan - avec un backing track quasi identique à l'original, UK, 1976. Les "oooh oooh sont de Lou Deprijck [info de Sylvain Van Holme, novembre 2006]A1-0110-Melle Van Holme, Sylvain et moiA1-0110-Sylvain et moiA1-0110-TheSeabirdsA1-0110-TheSeabirds-1961A1-0110-TwoManSound1A1-0110-TwoManSound2A1-0110-TMS4. Le single Marshall date de 1963 !

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0110 concerts against racism last Sunday 1st October in Brussels, place des Palais (backstage) Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0

It was my pleasure to meet Freddy again as well as Sylvain and Marc. Christian was already returned home in Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. I also met for the first time Pipou (Yvan Lacomblez, co-writer of Elton Motello's Jet Boy, Jet Girl!) a member of Two Man Sound.***Photo on left : Freddy and Marc, photo in the middle : Marc, Sylvain and I and last photo on right : Marc HérouetA1-0110-Marc Hérouet - 0110

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