Beatles' songs : "crazy" Belgium, UK & France - 1963 (9/11/2006)

Who was/qui était Tomy The Londoner? Teenager, a Will Records subsidiary from Brussels or nearby.***Billy J. Kramer (b. William Howard Ashton, Aug. 19, 1943, Bootle, Merseyside) with The Dakotas included Kramer, vocals; Mike Maxfield, lead gtr; Robin MacDonald, rhythm gtr; Ray Jones, bass and Tony Mansfield, drums.***I'll keep you satisfied, group's third Lennon/McCartney-penned single, hitted UK #4 on 5th Nov. 1963, promoted by a 20-date UK tour titled "The Billy J. Kramer Pop Parade", with The Fourmost and Johnny Kidd & The Pirates.***This cover version of Bad to me by Lynn accompagnée par Les Witchdoctors was issued in November 1963 on Barclay.***A composition signed "LeMon-Mac Carney"!***Kramer's original - written by Lennon specifically for him - topped UK chart for 2 weeks (US, DNC) but was dethroned by The Beatles' She love you.***This song, having originally flopped in US, was reissued as B-side to Little Children. It picked up airplay in its own right and replaced its A-side in US Top 10, at #9 in July 1964.***The insert of the "J." - to distinguish him from other singers named Billy -on their first single Do you want to know a secret was an idea credited to John Lennon A1-A-FromMeToYou-Belgium-1963A1-A-BillyJ.Kramer-1963A1-A-BadToMe-1963A1-A-EP Barclay-1963

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