Portuguese pressing (4) : Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '66 - 1969 (4/09/2012)

Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '65 sign to A&M Records in 1966 and becomes Sérgio Mendes (Feb.11, 1941, Niterói, Brazil-present) & Brasil '66. Fool on the Hill is their fourth album (LP) released in 1968. This single is coming from Portugal issued on Alvorada/A&M Records as an EP referenced EP-25-26 and released in 1969. The Fool On The Hill hits the US chart #6 on Aug.8, 1968. Arr.: Sérgio Mendes and Dave Grusin who is also conductor. Produced by Herb Alpert & Jerry Moss.

At time, the band consists of Sérgio Mendes, vcls, keyboards; Lani Hall + Karen Philips, vcls; Oscar Castro-Neves, guitar; Sebastian Neto, bass; Dom Um Romao, drums and Rubens Bassini, percussion.

The band will also record "Norwegian Wood". sérgio mendes - lp - 1968 (4-09-2012).jpgsérgio mendes pic. sl. - 4-09-2012.jpgsérgio mendes - ep verso (4-09-2012).jpgsérgio mendes - ep 45 T. (4-09-2012).jpg

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