Happy X-mas : war is not over (1) - 24/12/2006

December 8, 1980 : John, returning from a recording session, is gunned down in the courtyard of the Dakota building in New York, John's home for the past decade. He dies from loss of blood shortly thereafter at the Roosevelt hospital.***December 1971 : Happy Xmas (War Is Over) credited to John & Yoko / The Plastic Ono Band With the Harlem Community Choir is released in US only and fails to chart.***December 1972 : for the first time released in UK (Apple R 5970) hits at #4, and makes the first of many chart visit having held up from UK release due to the Ono song-credit dispute.***You can see the original French picture cover and the UK green vinyl single dating back to 12/1972. Original green vinyl !A1-Beat-HappyXmas-POB-1971-UK-1972 (frontside)A1-Beat-HappyXmas-POB-1972 single

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