Pastiches and parodies : The Rutles (1978) 9th Jan., 2006

The Rutles were formed by Neil Innes, ex The Bonzo Dog (Doo Dah) Band which were formed themselves by art students from several London colleges in early 1966.***The Rutles included Ron Nasty (Neil Innes to become later a member of Monty Python as well as Dirk McQuickly (Eric Idle); Stig O'Hara (Ricky Fataar) and Barry Wom (John Halsey).A-TheRutles-UK 1978 singleA-TheRutles-A-side (1978)A-TheRutles-B-side (1978)This 3-track extended-play was issued in 1978 and released by WB Records (K17125).

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