Frédéric François aimait les Beatles (1980) ) 28/04/2007

Une chanson co-écrite par Frédéric (Francesco Barracato) et Marino Atria. Vogue 101331 AA, France, 1980.***Depuis quelques années, il est tombé sur un autre liégeois, qui cartonne en France : Franck Michaël.***A-Fr.François-1980A-Fred.François-1980

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Franck Pourcel et son Grand Orchestre play The Beatles (1966-1970) - 22nd April 2007

***Between 1966 and 1970, Franck played these Beatles' songs : Here, there and everywhere, Yesterday, Penny Lane, Girl, Let it be, Hey Jude, Help, Michelle, Eleanor Rigby, I me mine, Ob-la-di ob-la-da, Don't let me down and The Long and winding road.***Some of these songs appear for the time on the LP record Franck Pourcel Meets The Beatles. However some tunes were already recorded in 1966, 1967 and 1968.***He also recorded John Lennon's Imagine in 1973, Paul McCartney & Wings' My love & Live and let die in 1973 and George Harrison's My sweet lord in 1971.***Photo : Studio Harcourt.***Picture cover : J. Daniel Gil.***Thanks to EMI UK (HMV/His Master's Voice) as well as myself! Without forgetting http://rateyourmusic.com/artist/franck_pourcel***Franck Pourcel was born in Marseille (France) on the 1st January of 1913 and died in Neuilly (France) on the 12th November of 2000. A-FranckPourcel-50dpi-1956A-FranckPourcel-1956(n°7))A-F.Pourcel-1956 (n°6)-tronqué

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The Beatles sing in German (Paris, 1964) - 17th April 2007

Problem: The single "Komm, gib mir deine Hand"/"Sie liebt dich": Moers dates this as February 4 1964, which may be a bit early as usual, but the catalogue numbers support putting it well ahead of "Can't buy me love", which probably is from March like the UK release, which Odeon was mirroring by this time. This forces me to propose the songs were mixed for mono before the March dategiven by Mark Lewisohn in his books, probably in Paris where they were recorded, since the mixes escaped EMI Abbey Road's logs.***Additional note : Especially recorded for German people living in France.A-Beatles-German single (1)A-Beatles-German-1964-1969A-Beatles-German single (2)

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