All You Need Is Love...25 June 1967 (9/01/2014)

pop live june 1967 The recording of this song at Abbey Road studios was transmitted world-wide (I saw it at the time!!!) as part of the first global TV link-up, "Our World", to an estimated audience of 400 million.***The song features exerpts from the Bach's Brandenburger concertos, the French National Anthem "La Marseillaise", "Greensleeves" (1960 oldie by The Brothers Four) and She Loves You.***George Martin, also used a segment of the Glenn Miller Orchestra's In The Mood, thinking it was out of (C).***He was later successfully sued for a royalty settlement by Miller's publishers.***In addition to 13 session musicians [some of them playing Bach's Trumpets], friends on backing vocals were Mick Jagger, Keith Richard(s), Marianne Faithfull, Eric Clapton, Keith Moon, Jane Asher, Paul's brother Mike McGear from The Scaffold, The Walker Brothers' Gary Leeds and finally Graham Nash and his wife. (Our world, June 25, 1967.) All You Need Is Love recorded during a LIVE WORLD TELEVISION TRANSMISSION (original live Odeon O 23 560, Germany.) Video below.



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