The Beatles : Money (That's What I Want) - 31-12-2007

First of all, a very happy New Year to all.***Money (That's what I want) recorded by The Beatles on their With The Beatles album in 1963 as well as The Rolling Stones on their 1st EP in 1964 (album The Singer Not The Song) was a song written and composed by Berry Gordy and Janie Bradford.***Just before recording the song, Strong (b. West Point, MS, 5 Feb. 1941) was a part-time gospel singer.***Then in 1959 he recorded "Money" which was released in August on ANNA Records (Gordy's sister). Strong was also a key associate and friend of Berry Gordy.***In January 1960, the 45 record was distributed by TAMLA all over America and reached R'n'B #2 then crossed over to the TOP POP at #23.Barrett Strong (photo)Strong 50 dpi

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Histoire des Beatles + Maxi CD (hors live at the BBC) - 26-12-2007

Le livret : (C) 1999 - Editorial La Máscara, PZA Juan Pablo II, 5-B, 46015 Valencia -Espagne.***Auteur : Arturo Blay.***Traduction : L. Espain.***119 pages.***Le maxi CD : 1 : this BBC interpretation has a cute ending rather than the familiar fade-out on the record. "Baby It's You" is augmented on this EP by three radio recordings that are released here for the first time. (Pop Go The Beatles, rec. 1 June 1963, P. 30/12/1994).***2 : I'll Follow The Sun, Top Gear, rec. 17 November 1964.***3 : Devil In Her Heart, Pop Go The Beatles, rec. 16 July 1963.***4 : Boys : Pop Go The Beatles, rec. 17 June 1963 (one of the 7 takes). P. 2, 3, & 4 : 23/03/1995.Beatles-book+Maxi CD

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Otis Redding : Day Tripper (21/12/2007)

1957: Redding (b. Sept.9, 1941, Dawson, GA) leaves school in Macon, Georgia, to take a variety of day jobs, and sing in talent shows at every opportunity, frequently finding success with Little Richard imitation.

Oct.15, 1966: Complete And Unbelievable...The Otis Redding Dictionary Of Soul is released and makes US #73 and UK #23 in January 1967 including his cover of Day Tripper which was recorded on Sept.13, 1966. US reference : VOLT LP 415. French STAX single 169.026, 1967.

Dec.10, 1967: En route to a concert in the Mid-West, the twin-engined chartered plane carrying him and his road band, The Bar-Kays, goes down in the icy waters of Lake Monoma, near Madison, WI. The only survivor is Memphis-born Ben Cauley - at 20, the oldest of The Bar-Kays. At Redding's funeral, the pall-bearers are fellow soul singers Joe Tex, Joe Simon, Johnnie Taylor, Solomon Burke, Percy Sledge, Don Covay and Sam Moore, of Sam and Dave.

3 CD box set is released by ATLANTIC in 1987 (Germany 7567-81762-2 / France CA 824.)



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Bill Haley y sus Cometas - part 2 [1962-1966] (moved from 14th Aug. 2006)

***Twist Marie/live, 1962 : from Oh Marie by Louis Prima with Sam Butera and The Witnesses, Capitol, 10/1956.***Marie Twist, 1962 : from Marie From Sunny Italy by Irving Berlin, 1907.***Eight More Miles To Louisville : from (Louis Marshall) Grandpa Jones, Brunswick 5676, 1957.***Reunion De Etiqueta, 1963 : from Tuxedo Junction by Erskine Hawkins And His Orchestra, Jubilee 107, 1940 via Glenn Miller and his Orchestra.***El Quelite, 1963 : from Los Hermanos Záizar, RCA Victor, 19??. Originally a Mexican traditional, Public Domain, "canción ranchera" probably from the 18th century [El Quelite is located 20 miles north of Mazatlan just across the Tropic of Cancer between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Pacific Ocean; �acaso hemos olvidado también la popular canción mexicana El quelite? "que es un tipo de amaranto" - "it's a type of amaranth"].***Adios Marquita Linda, 1963 : from Marcos A. Jiménez, 19??***El Poney, 1963 : from Pony Time by Don Fardon and The Goodtimers, Arnold 1002, 1961 [a re-write of "Boogie Woogie" by Clarence "Pinetop" Smith, 1928] via Chubby Checker, Parkway, 01/1961, US #1, 02/1961 - Checker's second million-seller, setting off a new dance craze for the Pony.***Pepito, 1965 / Pepito Mi Corazón, 1966 : from Pepito by Elena Madera, Decca 1959/1959.***Estomago Caliente / No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's in)/live, 1966 : from The T-Bones, Liberty 55836, 1965.***Harlem Nocturne / Harlem Nocturno / Harlem A Go Go/live, 1966 : from Ray Noble And His American Orchestra, COLUMBIA, 1939.***Justine/live, 1966 : from Don And Dewey, Specialty 631, 05/1958.***El Septimo Hijo / The Seventh Son/live, 1966 : from Willie Mabon, Chess 1608, 1955.***Mohair Sam/live, 1966 : from Charlie Rich, Mercury/Smash S-1993, 1965.***New Orleans / Nueva Orleans/live, 1966 : from Gary "US" Bonds, LeGrand records 1009, US #6, 1960.***Hi-Heel Sneakers/live 1966 : from Tommy Tucker, Chess/Checker 1075, 1964.***Baja California Sun / California Sun/live, 1966 : from The Rivieras [formed in South Bend, Indiana], Riviera R-1401 (Sheldon), US POP #5, 1964 [originally by Joe Jones And His Orchestra, US #77, Roulette, 1961.***La Cucaracha/live, 1966 : Mexican song, 1893 [cucaracha = bulky carriage, Pancho Villa].***Pancho-Hambone/live, 1966 (I) : via Rayburn Anthony, SUN, 1960 [originally by Red Saunders and his orchestra with Dolores Hawkins and The Hambone Kids, Columbia/Okeh 6862, 02/1952).***Mish Mash, 1964 : from Carrie Grant And The Grandeurs (The Grandeurs = The Comets), Newtown, 1963.***Ella Cree Que La Amo Aun, 1964 : from She Thinks I Still Care by George Jones, US #1, United Artists, March 1962.***Surf De La Sandia, 1964 : from Herbie Hancock Trio's Watermelon Man, Blue Note, 1962.***Cerca Del Mar, 1964 : from Beyond The Sea by Bobby Darin, US #6 & UK #8, Atlantic, Jan. 1960 [originally La Mer, a hit for well known French songwriter/singer Charles Trenet, Magic Notes Columbia, 1946].***Movendiose, 1964 : from Movin' n' Groovin' by Duane Eddy And His "Twangy Guitar", Jamie 1101, 1958.***A Gusto Contigo, 1964 : from Je Me Sens Bien (Auprès De Toi) by Petula Clark, disque Vogue EPL 8.078, France, 1963 [adapted from Dance On by The Shadows, EMI/Columbia, UK, 1962].***No Tu Puedes Sentar, 1964 : from The Bim Bam Boos feat i.a. Cornell Muldrow, Dasher D 500, 1959 (You) Can't Sit Down via The Dovells, Parkway, US #5, 06/1963 and possibly from a sax instrumental by Phil Upchurch And His Combo, Boyd 1026 DJ, 1961].***Madero Y Gante, 1964 : from Washington Square by The Village Stompers, EPIC N7-26078, US #2, 1963.***Surf Del Elefante, (I), 1964 : from Baby Elephant Walk by Henri Mancini And His Orchestra, RCA Victor, US DNC, 1961.***Surf Del Monkey, 1964 : from The Monkey Shine by Carl Perkins, Decca 31709, 1964.***All these songs were available on his 8 Mexican LP's [Twist, 1961; Bikini Twist, 1962; Twist En México, 1962; Madison, 1963; Carneval De Ritmos Modernos, 1963; Surf Surf Surf, 1964; Whisky A Go-Go (live), 1966; Bill Haley A Go-Go, 1966].***The only one LP record released by Roulette was Twistin' Knights ("twistin' nights"!) At The Roundtable (live at the nightclub), 1962.***Tidbit time : at that time, Morris Levy is at the head of the Roundtable nightclub. In March 1962, Bill Haley & The Comets occur in a row eleven evenings with an aim of recording a live album . On injunction of his wife, Franny Beecher had left the group a few months earlier (giving up his third of the benefit). One will especially pick up him at home in a limousine to play lead guitar on the forthcoming album. Sticks Evans (aka Willie Davis???), African drums, is recruited because the content of the LP is supposed to be very "twist" and, as Evans plays with The Starliters of Joey Dee (Roulette star-house, a firm directed successively by Levy and Goldner), he is thus regarded as THE specialist in the dance craze/rhythm à la mode.***UK Ember [An Ember Records Release (distributed by Pye Records (Sales) Ltd.)/Suite 4 - Carlton Tower Place, Sloane Street - London S.W.I.] EMB 3396, "P.1969": LP "The King of Rock Bill Haley plays", June 1968 : originally Whisky A Go Go released in Mexico on the Orfeón/DIMSA label (12478) in 1966.***Like all true professionals, Haley's greatest asset is his ability to take his music out of the recording studio and perform it LIVE.***Mainly the accent is on the kind of rock'n'Roll that Bill Haley and the Comets have made their own since April 1954.***"When you will have heard this album you will know why Bill Haley wore the crowns!***At that time, Mexico, 1966, the Bill Haley legend started nearly 15 years ago...There followed a series of int'l smash-hits which included Shake, Rattle and Roll, RATC and many others. In fact, the list of Bill's record successes went on to read like a one-man chart took-over bid.***Mariachi Vargas were formed by Don Gaspar Vargas in Tecatlitán, Jalisco, Mexico back in 1898.***CD : from the LP "Twistin' Knights At The Roundtable - Roulette R-25174, ca. April 1962" recorded live on-the-spot in New York City in March 1962 and released in US in 1999 by Rhino/Soundies.

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Bill Haley y sus Cometas (Mexico, 1961-1966) Part 1 (1961-1962)

Discos Orfeón belonged to Don Rogerio Azcárraga and the musical director was Paco de la Barrera.***Roulette Records was formed in 1956 and belonged to Morris Levy, Phil Kahl and George Goldner [1918-April 15, 1970].***An adjunct to their music publishing operations, with Goldner, into whose Rama and Tico organisation it was slotted.***In 1957, Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore more or less took over the company, leaving Goldner to concentrate on his new enterprises, Gone and End, which were distributed through Roulette.***Distributed labels : Gee, Gone, End, Rama and Tico (all belonging to Goldner) and, Coed and Hull.***Bill Haley And His/The Comets (1966, known as Mr. Go Go); y sus Cometas, 1961 :***Al Compás Del Reloj (sung in English), 1961 : from "Rock Around The Clock", May 1954, May 1955, January 1960 and March 1961 .***La Tierra De Las Mil Danzas/live 1966 : from Land Of Thousand Dances by Chris Kenner, Atlantic, 1963.***Puerta Verde (I), 1961 : from The Green Door by Jim Lowe with the High Fives, DOT 45-15486 (7/56), US #1, 1956.***Memphis Tennessee : from Memphis by Chuck Berry, Chess 1729, Feb. 1959.***Tren Nocturno, 1961 (I) : from Night Train by Jimmy Forrest, United, 1952 [originally from Happy Go Lucky Local by Duke Ellington, 1946.***El Blues Del Cometa Azul / Blues Del Cometa Azul (I's), 1961 : from Blue Comet Blues by Bill Haley And His Comets, 1956.***De Buen Humor (I), 1961 : from In The Mood by Edgar Hayes And His Orchestra, Decca, 02/1938 [Jazz riff borrowed to Wingy Manone (aka Mannone) and his Orchestra's "Tar Paper Stomp", Vocalion, 1930" via Glenn Miller and His Orchestra, Bluebird/RCA Victor, 1939 and Mongo Santamaria, Columbia, US #10, 1961.***Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, 1961 : from Big Maybelle, Okeh 7060, 1955 via Chubby Checker, 11/1960 [B-side of The Hucklebuck] Jerry Lee Lewis, SUN 267, July 1957 [not hitting his #3 chart peak until September but topped C&W and R&B charts simultaneously - Jerry Lee was related with country and r'n'r singer Mickey Gilley (who had recorded Down The Line too) and TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart].***Negra Consentida, 1961 : composed by Joaquín Pardavá Bernal y Delfina Arce for Julian Solér's movie Negra Consentida, 1948.***Lado A Lado, 1962 : original version in 1927 probably by duet Aileen Stanley and Johnny Marvin as Side By Side via Ray Charles and Betty Carter, 1961.***I Want A Little Girl, 1962 : from McKinney's Cotton Pickers, Victor, 1930.***En Un Pueblito Español (I), 1962 : from Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra's (In A Little Spanish Town) 'T was On A Night Like This, 1926.***Down By The Riverside Twist, 1962 : from Down By The Riverside, an African-American traditional folksong (black spiritual) 'round 1860/1861 from Study War No More, American Civil War, 1860/1861.***Cielito Lindo, 1962 : from Carlos Gardel, 1921 via (José) Pedro Infante (Cruz) y Trio Los Panchos, Mexico, 7/12/1945. [De la sierra morena, Cielito lindo, vienen bajando un par de ojitos negros Cielito lindo, de contrabando...].***Originally a traditional song of México written by Quirino Mendoza y Cortés in 1882.***Madison En Azul (I), 1962 : from The 'C' Jam Blues by Duke Ellington, 1942.***Lullaby Of Birdland Twist, 1962 : from Lullaby Of Birdland by George Shearing Quintet feat. Sarah Vaughn on vocal, Verve Records, 1942.***Twist Lento, 1962 : from Slow twistin', a duet with (uncredited) labelmate Dee Dee Sharp and Chubby Checker, Parkway, 1961, US #3, April 1962.***Spanish Twist, September 1961 : from Twist Español (lyrics: Antoño de la Villa - music : Pepe Negrete) by Bill Haley - on Spanish vocal - y sus Cometas, Orfeón, May 1961.***Desafinado, 1962 : from Joáo Gilberto, Odeon, Brazil, 1958.***Actopan / Actopan Twist (I's), 1961 : from The Hucklebuck by Paul Williams And His Hucklebuckers, Savoy 683, 1949, US r'n'B chart #1, April 1949, originally from Lucky Millinder's D' Natural Blues, RCA Victor 47-3351, 1949 [a hit for Tommy Dorsey and Charlie Shavers, US #5, 1949], the latter borrowed to Now's The Time by Charlie "Bird" and/or "Yardbird" Parker's Reboppers, Savoy 4508, 12/1945 - Paul Williams : "We were playing the Royal in Baltimore (Maryland) together with Lucky Millinder Band. We were sitting out front listening to them rehearse and they played this title tune "D Natural Blues". The night we played the same tune (...) I asked one guy, "What kind of dance is that?" and he said, "This is the Hucklebuck!" And that was it. Eventually we recorded it and called it The Hucklebuck and it hit" via Chubby Checker, Parkway Records P 813, 11/1960, US #14.***La Paloma, 1961 : from La Paloma Adieu, canción americana, 1859 via Chubby Checker's La Paloma Twist (B-side of Slow Twistin'), US #74, March 1962.***Rambunchas twist, 1961 : from Ram-bunk-shush via Bill Doggett, King, 1957 (originally by Lucky Millinder and his orchestra, King 4534, 1952).***Caravana Twist / Caravan Twist, 1961 / Cip A Vanna, 1966 : from Duke Ellington's Caravan, 1937.***Mas Twist, 1961 : from Let's Twist Again by Chubby Checker (aka Ernest Evans), Parkway, 08/61, US #8, 08/1961.***Limbo Rock (I), 1962 : from The Champs, Challenge, US #2, 1962 then recorded by Chubby the following November.***Pure De Papas, 1962 : from Nat Kendrick (alias Carlton "King" Coleman, James Brown's drummer) and The Swans' [(Do The)] Mashed Potatoes (Pt.1-Pt.2), Dade 45-1804, 11/1959/Mashed Potatoes, Atlantic, 1960 via Joey Dee (alias Joseph DiNicola) and The Starlighters, Roulette, 1961 and Chubby Checker, 1961.***Jarrito Twist, 1962 : from Little Brown Jug by Glenn Miller And His Orchestra / Captain Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band, 1939.***A Noche (I), 1962 : from Last Night by The Mar-Keys, Stax, 1961.***Florida Twist (Instr. original backing track and some vocals provided by Billy Williamson/live), 1962 : from Florida Twist (Mex #1) by Bill Haley y sus Cometas feat. Pedro Vargas de Tecatlitlán of the 3rd Generation on Spanish vocal, Orfeón 78-1036, 1961 [the biggest selling single in Mexican history].

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Marie Laforet et son hommage aux Beatles

Laforet-1977Laforet-vinyleMarie Laforet (Maïténa Doumenach) n'avait jamais enregistré aucune version française d'une chanson des Beatles alors qu'elle l'avait fait pour les Rolling Stones. Ici et enfin, elle s'est fendue d'un hommage (Jean-Claude Petit-Tony Rallo-Michel Jourdan) en 1977.***Sa chanson s'était classée #10 en France et en Suisse.***En Belgique, cette chanson a fait partie du lot des 1001 meilleures chansons il y a quelques années.

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Jerry Lee Lewis (a MySpace friend) : Last Man Standing (into the fire :-) 9th Dec. 2007

This long-play CD (21 tracks) was released last year featuring duets with i.a. Ringo Starr: "Sweet Little Sixteen" [a MySpace friend] (Chuck Berry's (a MySpace friend) Sweet Little Sixteen); Little Richard [a MySpace friend] (The Beatles' [some of MySpace friends] I Saw Her Standing There - known in South Africa as "Just Seventeen" (I Saw Her Standing There")***Released on the 26th September of 2006***JLLewis 2006JLLewis 2JLLewis 3

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THE BEATLES 1962-1970 (2 DVD's - 2005) 1/12/2007

Ce double DVD est un survol critique de l'oeuvre musicale, cinématographique et scénique des Beatles.***Ce coffret contient l'analyse et l'origine (pour les reprises) de leurs chansons enregistrées entre 1962 et 1970.***A mon avis, l'une de leurs meilleures reprises est celle de Rock And Roll Music de (mon ami MySpace) Chuck Berry. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da "la vie continue"/"life goes on" en dialecte yoruba (Brésil) et non "yorumba" comme on peut le lire dans certains autres bouquins!Beatles 2 DVD - 2005Beatles 2 DVD (62 dpi) - 2005

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