Petula Clark sings Please Please Me in French [2 CDs, 2001](29/03/2008)

Beatlesblog-Petula (2)Beatlesblog-P.C.-CD1Beatlesblog-Petula-2 CDs-2001Beatlesblog-P.C.-CD2May 1963: Casanova Baciami/Chariot, a UK double A-side feat. the original foreign languages version (German and French), made UK #39.***23/01/65: The Beatles' I Feel Fine fails to hold off Downtown in US, where it hitted #1 for 2 weeks and sold over a million.***Petula became the first UK female to top the US charts since Vera Lynn (!) in 1952.***Sa version de PPM Tu Perds Ton Temps passa complètement inaperçue.***Cette réédition date de 2001 et non de 1991 comme indiqué.***Label: disques Castle (!!!) of the Sanctuary Records Group Ltd/BMG.***Un peu de bio: 1949: her first record, Put Your Shoes On Lucy, was released on EMI's Magic Notes Columbia label.***1950: Pet signed to the newly-formed Polygon label on the recommendation of its musical director Alan Freeman (and will stay with the label until 1971, seeing it changed name to Nixa and then Pye Records while in France, her discs were released by vogue productions; Pye/Vogue; disques Vogue and Vogue.***The latter will be owned by BMG, Münich a few decades later...

http://youtu.be/9bpPzLiP61A (Tu perds ton temps)

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