Bill Haley : 1962 German radio shows at AFN Frankfurt/Mangelsdorff

In 1962, Bill Haley was touring the US Army (Armed Forces in Germany) and promoted his concerts at the AFN studio (Armed Forces Radio) in August and September of that year.***Here are a few songs played by him and his band The Comets: Feelin' Happy: from Big Joe Turner, 1950; Wolverton Mountain: from Claude King, 07/1962; Ja-Da: from the New Orleans Jazz Band's Ja-Da (Intro. You'll Find Old Dixieland in France), Okeh 1155-B, late 1918; Hallelujah I Love Her So: from Ray Charles, 1955 re-released in 1962; The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise: from Isham Jones, 03/1923 instrumental, revived by Les Paul and Mary Ford in 1951.

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