Bill Haley : farewell tour 26/11/1979 (2007 DVD) (24/07/2008)

Bill Haley-Farewell Tour 1979-pic coverBill Haley-Farewell Tour 1979-DVD 2007German ALPHA CENTAURI, FOR 14025 [P & C 2007 Digimode Ent. Ltd.***Issued under license from Elm Street Media Limited], 9 August 2007.***Issued in the UK on 29/10/2007.***Audio: Dolby (C) 2.0 stereo.***Sounds pretty good!***This DVD features a 36 minutes gig performed live with "His Comets" (mostly British musicians) before Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at The Royal Variety Performance, Birmingham Odeon Theatre on Monday, 26/11/1979, guesting Mal Gray (ex The Wild Angels' lead singer from 1967 to 1971) on Chuck Berry's Promised Land and (The)Saints Rock & Roll (Public Domain/arr.: Black-Purvis-Haley-Gabler).

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