L'histoire de ATV Music incluant Northern Songs (27/06/2009)

***Le 10 août 1985, Michael Jackson paie entre 47 et 47,5 millions de dollars (soit environ entre 38.448.600 et 38.857.700 millions €) [en concurrence avec Macca et Yoko Ono] pour devenir propriétaire de ATV Music comprenant e.a. Northern Songs qui contient une bonne partie du catalogue des chansons des Beatles soit 251 sur les 365 recensées et aussi "du "Petula Clark" et "du" Bill Haley" e.a.!. Macca et Yoko Ono déclarent forfait estimant que c'est beaucoup trop cher payé: Jackson avait prévenu Macca peu de temps auparavant qu'il rachèterait ATV Music coûte que coûte...Macca et Jacko deviennent des ennemis jurés. Heureusement réconciliés au fil du temps, Macca évite ce qui aurait pu être une catastrophe avec Let It Be pour l'affaire du Ferry Aid (1987) en téléphonant dans l'urgence à Jackson pour lui expliquer que les droits d'auteurs seront versés à une œuvre. Cette nouvelle version (incluant Macca) se classe #1 au hit parade britannique. Le 9 novembre 1995, Sony Corp. paye à Jacko une somme estimée (restée secrète) entre 95 et 110 millions USD pour former ce qui deviendra par la suite le 3° plus grand éditeur mondial de musique: Sony/ATV Music Publishing. A l'été 1995, Jacko, au bord du gouffre financier (il avait investi des sommes astronomiques pour un nouvel album qui fut un cuisant échec), vend ses parts qui sont finalement rachetées par Macca en personne [et de ce fait, (re)devient à juste titre propriétaire de ses propres chansons!] pour une somme qui tourne autour de 100 millions de dollars US soit à peu près 81.806.000 euros! En 10 ans, le prix du rachat aura donc plus que doublé !***On 10 August 1985/Aug.10, 1985, Michael Jackson pays between 47 and 47.5 million (approximately 38,448,600 and 38,857,700 million €) [in competition with Macca and Yoko Ono] to become the owner of ATV Music including i.a Northern Songs, which contains the entire catalog of The Beatles' songs (365/Jackson bought out 251 songs) as well as some Petula Clark songs and Bill Haley inter alia!. Macca and Yoko Ono said package considering it is much too expensive paid Jackson, Macca warned shortly before ATV Music buy it at any cost ... Macca and Jacko become sworn enemies. Fortunately reconciled over time, Macca avoids what could have been a disaster with Let It Be for the case of the Ferry Aid (1987) by calling in the emergency Jackson to explain that the royalties will go to a charity. This new version (including Macca) tops the British hit parade. On 9 November 1995/Nov.9, 1995, Sony Corp. pay Jacko an estimated sum (remained secret) between 95 and 110 million USD to form what later will become the 3rd largest global music publisher Sony / ATV Music Publishing. In the summer of 1995, Jacko, on the brink of collapse financially (he had invested sums for a new album which was a stinging defeat), who sells his shares are eventually redeemed by Macca in person [and hence (re ) rightly becomes owner of his own songs!] for a sum of around U.S. $ 100 million or about 81,806,000 euros! In 10 years, the redemption price will be more than doubled!

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Tribute to Michael Jackson - R.I.P. (26/06//2009) - updated 25 June 2010

Michael recorded the best-selling LP Record/album of all time "Thriller" released on Dec.1, 1982 surpassing The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ! It will sell 45 million copies worldwide until June 2010 and hit #1 in every Western country including UK and US, where it will spend a record 37 weeks at #1. From it will come an unprecedented 7 Top 10 US hit singles.******Michael died at home yesterday in Los Angeles at the age of 50. R.I.P., Michael. Sure, lotsa people won't never forget you...***The Girl Is Mine, an excerpt from the album Thriller (1st December 1982), hitted #8 in UK in Nov. 1982 and US #2 on 8th January 1983.***Say Say Say again with Jacko hitted at #2 in UK in Nov. 1983 and topped US chart the following 10th December.***En Belgique, Thriller a été 18 fois disque de platine entre 1982 et juin 2010 (540.000 exemplaires vendus à raison de 30.000 albums pour être "platine".***45 millions de copies vendues dans le monde entier.***Sources: Eric Vink, président de Sony-Belgique.jackson - thriller lp - 75 pppA1-Beat-Macca2-1982A1-Beat-Macca3-1983A1-Beat-Macca4-1983A1-Beat-Macca5A1-Beat-Macca6

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Bill Haley: Trouble in mind ? (1979)-(19/06/2009)

**Crazy Man Crazy : from Bill Haley With Haley's Comets, 1953***Kansas City : from K.C. Lovin' by Little Willie Littlefield, Federal, 11/1952 via Little Richard, US #95, 1959. (Wilbert Harrison, Fury, US #1, May 1959)***Love Letters In The Sand : from Dolly Dawn, RCA/Bluebird, 1931.***Shake Rattle And Roll : from Joe Turner and His Blues Kings, April 1954***I'm In Love Again : from Fats Domino, 06/1956***Stagger Lee : from Lloyd Price's version, 1959 [originally Stack O' Lee Blues first recorded by Long Cleve Reed & Little Harvey Hull-Down Home Boys (trio including Sunny Wilson-rec. circa 1899 however unreleased until May 1927 on BLACK PATTI 8030-B)***Also recorded by Waring's Pennsylvanians (Victor 19189 A, 10/16/1923) and Frank Westphal & His Regal Novelty Orchestra (Columbia 32d, 10/18/1923) in 1923, based on a story of Billy Lyon's hat in 12/1895.***Rock Around The Clock : from Bill Haley And His Comets, 05/1954***I Almost Lost My Mind : from Ivory Joe Hunter, 1949***Blue Suede Shoes : from Carl Perkins, Sun 234, Jan. 1, 1956***My Special Angel : from Bobby Helms With The Anita Kerr Singers, Decca 9-30423, 08/1957***Blueberry Hill : from Fats Domino's version, 12/1956 [originally by Sammy Kaye And His Orchestra, 05/1940 via Glenn Miller and his orchestra with Ray Eberle, Bluebird, 1940].***Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin', On : from Big Maybelle, Okeh 7060, 1955 via Chubby Checker, Parkway Records, B-side of The Hucklebuck, 10/1960.***Bouquet Of Roses : from Eddy Arnold And His Tennessee Plowboys, RCA Victor, 1948***I Don't Hurt Anymore : from Hank Snow, RCA Victor, 17th April 1954.***(The) Wild Side Of Life : from Hank Thompson, Capitol, 1952 [aka Honky Tonk Angels].***Singing The Blues from Marty Robbins, Columbia 1956 via Guy Mitchell, Columbia, US #1, 1956***This Is The Thanks I Get : from This Is The Thanks I Get (For Loving You) by Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy, and his Guitar, RCA Victor 47-5805, July 1954.***Candy Kisses : originally from George Morgan's - who wrote the song -, CBS/COLUMBIA 20547, 1949, US R'N'B #1 then US POP #2.***However, this song (gospel) had been recorded the year before by The Five Blind Boys of Alabama (Clarence Fountain, leader) and issued on Coleman Records, Newark, New Jersey. Then in the same year by Rex Turner and The Westerners, Varsity V 8015 via Red Foley, Decca, 1949***No Letter Today : from Ted Daffan and his Texans, COLUMBIA, 1942 (US #1, 1943).***There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder (08/60) : from Jimmie Davis, Capitol Records, US #1, 1945***Cold Cold Heart : from Hank Williams (Sr.) And His Drifting Cowboys, 1951***Anytime : from Emmett Miller acc. by his Georgia Crackers, Okeh 40239, 1924; Okeh 41095, 1928; Bluebird 6577, 1936 via Eddy Arnold And His Guitar, RCA Victor, 1956.***Detour : originally from Spade Cooley A.H.O., 1946 via Patti Page With Jack Rael And His Orchestra, Mercury 5682, June 13, 1951 via Duane Eddy, Jamie 1117/B, 09/1959.***TROUBLE IN MIND (recorded for Warner Bros. in 1960, unissued), EP CLAIRE 1 EP 4779, USA, 1979 : via Lucky Millinder And His Orchestra feat. Rosetta Tharpe on vocal, Decca 48053, 1950/Conway Twitty, 02/1960 [via Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra feat. Bertha "Chippie" Hill on vocal, 1926 [originally by Thelma LaVizzo, Paramount 12206, 05/1924].***This song is also featured on the RARETIES US LP Record/album AMBASSADOR A 98100 manufactured and released in issued in the USA (America) late in 1979. The mystery of its origin is resolute! First issue as "RARETIES, 1979 and the 2d one as "RARITIES" in the course of the 80's.