The Beatles : English translation of "l'événement marketing du jour"

beatles - 9-9-2009An event? Not for all the Belgian media notably RTL TVI. ***Shame on you ! *** On Wednesday 9/09/2009 fate jewel published by EMI UK comprising 14 enhanced CD's (+ 1 DVD ) fully remastered quasi in HD.*** The 14th containing the old Past Masters 1 & 2 released in the UK at the beginning of March 1988 .*** Well received in the UK (# 49 & # 46 March 19, 1988 but with less impact in the USA where they are ranked U.S. # 149 & # 121 U.S. the following 9 and 16 April .***To date, the question is whether we should absolutely get it one way or another or switch it off. This wonderful package (great work of remastering made by Guy Massey, Steve Rooke, Sam Okell along with Paul Hicks & Sean Magee at Dan Lacksman's SynSound Recording Studio in Brussels chosen by EMI Belgium) of which each CD has a gatefold cover sold this morning at 9:09am in record stores. I am doubtful as Gilles Verlant said the price is around 250 € (this afternoon I saw the price setted at € 199 but they were already sold like pancakes !). So, if you do not have anything yet by the Beatles ( fortunately Sir Paul McCartney was able to buy out the 251 songs [on some 365 listed] purchased by Michael Jackson [see ATV Music Publishing article] and that you have the financial resources and proper equipment (a digital amplifier which could possibly spread songs in 5.1 if you have a home cinema ).*** Note that the first reissues of LP's on CD were in monaural sound (AAD) and those with the stereo were so ADD that EMI wanted the "ADD" for all albums and the fans otherwise. EMI has finally yielded to the very last minute by putting an AAD patch on the ADD letters seen through/thru the box already printed on the inlay cards but this time all CD's are in full stereo and also available in monaural sound even the stereo ones!!!.*** March 7, 1987 as the group's back catalog systematically is released on CD, The Beatles' timeless popularity is underlined as they return to the charts all over the world .*** This 9/9/9 is not a coincidence since it's the former (new)Scotland Yard's telephone nr. which controlled the UK charts in the course of the 70's (see other article) due to shenanigans/mix-ups including at least two British showbiz personalities including Roger OO7 Moore's wife Edna May 'Dorothy' Squires (d. on 14 April 1998). Note also that these persons were convicted and anyway there are limitations.***Nota: The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl is still unreleased.*** I will forever be a fan and I am sure we will talk of them in 100 years or beyond and / or in the hereafter .*** LONG LIVE THE BEATLES!

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