50 & 40 years earlier : Johnny & The Moondogs - Let It Be (20 June 2010)

johnny gentlebeatles-poster film let it beMay 20, 1960 : Johnny & The Moondogs including Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Stutcliffe having failed an audition for Larry Parnes to Billy Fury's backing band, begin a 7-date tour of Scotland at Alloa Town Hall, as THE SILVER BEETLES (after a brief spell as THE BEATALS) backing Johnny Gentle, another singer from the Parnes talent stable (!). Tommy Moore has been added to the line-up on drums. For the tour, McCartney uses the pseudonym Paul Ramon, Stutcliffe calls himself Stuart da Staël and Harrison adopts the forname Carl.***May 20, 1970 : movie "Let It Be" opens simultaneously at the London Pavilion and Liverpool Gaumont without any of the group attending. It documents the making of the album and outlines the discontent amongst The Beatles during its recording. True stereo.

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