Sgt. Pepper's Only Dart Board Band - Twist And Shout (28/08/2010)

All their videos can be seen on YouTube and Facebook (and some of them at MySpace) with their friendly permission.

I filmed this video while there were playing it at the Fiestacity in Verviers on 28.08.2010. The original version was cut by The Top Notes in 1961. 1962: The Isley Brothers move to Wand Records, where they team with producer Bert Berns. Blues ballad Right Now is another flop but, for the follow-up, Berns presents his own song Twist And Shout (originally by The Top Notes). July : Twist And Shout tops R&B chart and peaks at US #17, becoming a classic reaching a wider audience through/thru The Beatles version. With the current dance craze, Wand has The Isleys record Twistin' With Linda; it makes US #54. Twist And Shout makes US #61. This video is also featured on their MySpace website. Jan.11, 1963: The Beatles complete 10 new tracks for their debut album Please Please Me in one session at Abbey Road studios in 15 mins. short of 10 hours. John's vocal for the said cover is recorded in 1 take as an afterthought to complete the album's tracks.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73bui4l0wagFiestacity - Verviers - 28 & 29-08-2010 006.jpg

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