RAY CHARLES (Pt 1) : Beatles' songs : cover versions sung in English - Yesterday

1946 : Ray,CharlesRay Charles : b. Ray Charles Robinson, Sept.23, 1930, Albany, GA. -DJune 10, 2004, who has lived in Greenville, FL., where he sings in the Shiloh Baptist church and the Red Wing café where proprietor Wylie Pittman lets him play the piano, since age 2, and been blind since suffering from glaucoma at age 7, after witnessing his younger brother George fall into a washtub and drown in the family's backyard, having studied music (classical piano and clarinet) at St. Augustine's School for the Deaf and Blind in Orlando, FL. Then... (to be continued...).

August 1967 : Ray Charles Invites You To Listen, the first album to carry the ABC-Tangerine Records dual logo, reaches US #76.

December 9, 1967 : His re-working of The Beatles' Yesterday makes US #25. 

January 1968 : Yesterday makes UK #44.

B-side : Never Had Enough Of Nothing Yet.

US 45 r.p.m. record : abc RECORDS / A PRODUCT OF TANGERINE RECORDS, reference : 45-11009 - Matrix 45-TRC 303-A 


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