THE TUBES : Beatles' songs : cover versions sung in English

tubes - i saw her (...) skynet.jpg1975 : Establishing a reputation as Frisco, CA's prime theatrical rock band, The Tubes, formed in Phoenix, AZ and led by ex-drama student "Fee" Waybill (vox, b. John Waldo, Sept.17, 1950, Omaha, NE sign to A&M Records, using the advance to produce more extravagant stage shows. The group consists as well as Waybill, Bill "Sputnick" Spooner (gtr), Vince Welnick (keyboards), Rick Anderson (bs gtr), Michael Cotton (synthesizer), Roger Steen (gtr), Prairie Prince (drums) [b.Charles L. Prince], Re Styles (vox, gtr) [b. Shirley Marie MacLeod] and Mingo Lewis (percussion).

March 1978 : Double live What Do You Want From Live reaches US #82 and UK #38. Produced by Peter Henderson and Rikki Farr.

This is an NL 45 r.p.m. single released in March 1978 but did not chart.

Reference : AMS 5643


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