RAY CHARLES (Pt 2) : Beatles' songs : cover version of Eleanor Rigby

charles - US single 45-11090 - 1968.jpgcharles - the sun died - eleanor rigby - 1968 - 17-11-2011.jpg1946 : ... Then moves to Jacksonville, FL., after his mother's death where he begins playing for his living with various bands, including The Florida Playboys, Henry Washington's Big Band and Joe Anderson's band.

1968 : US abc RECORDS with dual logo TANGERINE Records 45-11090, Eleanor Rigby makes #35 and b/w Understanding #46. UK #36 in July. (UK EMI/STATESIDE SS 2120.(b/w Understanding)-BELGIUM #30. FRANCE 1968 : first issue on EMI/Stateside FSS 580 b/w I won't leave. 2nd issue on abc 45-8023 released on 27.07.1968 b/w ELEANOR RIGBY (produced by TANGERINE Records) with A-side as The Sun Died from Il Est Mort Le Soleil originally sung by Nicoletta b. Nicole Grisoni, 11.04-1944-present. Song signed Pierre Delanoë-Hubert Giraud / adap. by Ann(e) Grégory (aka Arlette Kotchounian) and Ray Charles. French ref. : Riviera EP 231 302 M - S  121.199, 1968.     http://youtu.be/VauhWg5hv0U (Nicoletta-1968) - http://youtu.be/QH81RJtakRU (Eleanor Rigby-1968)

The story about the French label Riviera (not RIVIERA nor Rivièra) is not so simple. It was founded by Eddie Barclay's (Edouard Ruault) sister Nicole in 1950. Apparently, their first releases are dating to 1953.

Ray Charles : The Sun Died :   http://youtu.be/rJlQNfqfbv8 



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