Elton John (Pt 1) : cover of LSD

elton john - UK single - 15-11-1974.jpgelton john - lucy - single - 1974 (s.k.) 22-10-2011.jpg1961 : Elton John (b. Reginald Kenneth Dwight, Mar.25, 1947, Pinner, London), son of an ex-royal Air Force trumpeter, Stanley and his wife, Sheila Dwight, having started piano lessons at age 4 and played at a local music festival at age 12 (his early piano idols are Winifred Atwell and Charlie Kunz), has already attended the Royal Academy of Music, London, to which he won a part-time scholarship in 1958, when he joins locally performing R&B outfit Bluesology (its name taken from a Django Reinhardt disk), playing piano with existing members Stuart Brown (gtr), Rex Bishop (bs) and Mike Inkpen (drms). Their first paying gig is at the Northwood Hills hotel, Northwood, London.


December 1974 : his cover of The Beatles' Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds featuring the Reggae guitars of Dr. Winston O'Boogie alias John Lennon is issued as a single on UK DJM Records DJS-340 and released on 8 November 1974 which hits UK TOP 40 #10 and in Germany #31 [DJM 2043 002, 1975]. In America, the single is issued on MCA RECORDS MCA-40344 on 1974/11/18 and tops the Billboard TOP 100 at #1 on 1975/01/04, becoming another million-seller. B/W One Day At A Time (s) Lennon who plays the guitar. Produced by GUS DUDGEON - P. 1974 THIS RECORD CO. LIMITED. 

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