Ex-Beatle George Harrison died 10 years ago - tribute

November 1968 : George Harrison (25.02.1943-30.11.2001 [29.11.2001 in Los Angeles, CA]) : becomes the first Beatle to issue material independently of the group with album soundtrack "Wonderwall", which reaches US #49.

March 1969 : Electronic Sound, which makes US #191, consists of Harrison experimenting with new acquisition, a moog synthesizer.

November : having become the second writing force behind Lennon and McCartney within The Beatles, the first single he has penned is released by the group, Something which hits UK #4 and US #1. (it will become a show biz standard with hundreds of cover versions recorded in the coming years.)

December : George plays a number of concerts with Delaney (Bramlett), guitar and vocals & Bonnie Lynn Bramlett, vocals.

May 26, 1970 : he begins recording All Things Must Pass released next December which hits UK #4 and US #1. After The Beatles split, George is the first to secure a chart-topping album. Released to tie in with the first non-Beatle Christmas since 1962, it achieves worldwide sales of 3 million copies. The triple album box set is a showcase of his talent and will never be equalled by future releases. Co-produced by Phil Spector, Harrison is backed by an all-star band, including Ringo Starr, Ginger Baker, Billy Preston, Badfinger and debut of Derek & The Dominoes, featuring Eric "Slowhand" Clapton as well as Bob Dylan...R.I.P., Mr. Harrison...

http://youtu.be/p4G2RlBKbrM (The Beatles : Within You Without You)

http://youtu.be/g-ATb5FNci8 (Paul McCartney in concert : All Things Must Pass)


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