Ticket To Ride : covered by Vanilla Fudge

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Members : Mark Stein (lead vcls and organ); Vince Martell (gtr, vcls);  Tim Bogert (bass, vcls); Carmine Appice (drums, vcls). Bogert and Stein who have been playing in Rick Martin & The Showmen, form their own group , The Pigeons. Martell and Appice join the band in the course of 1966.

December 1966 : renamed Vanilla Fudge, the quartet is one of the few East Coast groups to join ranks with acid rock West Coast movement, with a style it will describe as "psychedelic-symphonic rock" (a central element of which is slowed-down rearrangements of artists' hit singles).

July 22, 1967 : V.F. signed to Atlantic Records' subsidiary label ATCO RECORDS, makes its New York debut at the Village theater (soon renamed the Fillmore East) with The Byrds and The Seeds. Debut single, a version of The Supremes' You Keep Me Hanging On, hits US #6 and makes UK #18.

September : debut album Vanilla Fudge [released 1967/06/02] (left) hits US #6 (and will make UK #31 2 months later). It also includes elongated versions of The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby and Ticket To Ride. http://youtu.be/IpkXMSvwmZw

Eleanor Rigby : http://youtu.be/5I-XPO4DIeQ

Left : US reissue album ATCO RECORDS SD 33-224 released in 1969 - Right : NL/BEL single compilation by WEA from the Warner Bros.' 1980 11.000 serie (11.763). This one released in September 1982.

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