Rubber Soul - Eng.-sp.

beatles - rubber soul vinyl lp - 12-1965 - 25-12-2011.jpgRubber Soul tops UK chart on 25.12.1965.

Farewell to the stage: 1965 will be an exceptional year on the musical plan since The Beatles, from Help!, will be published in this year another album, Rubber Soul. This new album reveals in all its glory new musical concepts as The Beatles began testing out. It marks a decisive change in their music, already far removed from their first songs with choruses witty but still a bit easy, full of yeah-yeah.

Ultimately, Rubber Soul ended the year of 1965 on an encouraging image and changed the future of the Fab Four, now directly influenced by American musical concepts developed by artists like The Byrds.

9.05.1987 : the second batch of Beatles' albums is released on CD including i.a. Rubber Soul (UK #60).

False stereo which is called "duophony".

http://youtu.be/Gv_Y1kbZbJA / http://youtu.be/RmZmMuzS4MM / http://youtu.be/suuU3mliNo8

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