(Just) Let It Be - English-speaking translation (11/01/2012)

the beatles on iTunes - 16-11-2010.jpgThe most fantastic story of modern music, that of 4 young men from Liverpool, has been told hundreds of times. Future generations will remember no doubt of their names, their songs continue to stand the test of time and the passage of modes: their legend, even though significant that two of the four heroes are still alive and active, take a unimaginable scale. Books, films, compilations, commemorations (Beatles Day in Mons every first Saturday in September and others), concerts of Paul and Ringo, analyzes (some more infamous than others) ... There is no doubt that even in 100 years the name The Beatles will always be known as today. It is a story so compelling that even the most imaginative mind could have invented, so amazing that the most original writers could not write it, and if documented, than in any library or even in some record stores in any country, you will find works of the Fab Four. Any ? Finally, I don't think so : all the countries anti-West ? The adventure lived by John, Paul, George and Ringo was exciting. Full stereo.

Photo : X - Owner of the photo : Apple iTunes (with their kind permission.)

http://youtu.be/BjHyMAUshos (Let It Be)

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Merci !

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Merci ! C'est vraiment très gentil de votre part !

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